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Let me tell you how stupid some people are about copyright

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This is a story from about (about) 5 years ago. Listen closely.


This is back when I was in public school, and there was a lot of renovation going on. We had this big empty space where we decided extra curriculum and the like could occur. We titled this place (unofficially) the Activity Center, or something along those lines.


Before I continue, I need to give you some context. Where I live (Portland, OR area) there's this place called OMSI. It's kind of like a learning museum, except really badass. It's hard to explain exactly what it is.


So anyway, this OMSI-ish place from San Francisco sends our school a letter saying we cannot use the name due to them having it copyrighted because it's the name of a part of their location. Just going to let that sink in for a moment.


This place, from 500 miles away, tells our moderately-sized school to not use an unofficial name because they have it copyrighted. FIVE. HUNDRED. MIIIIIILLLESSSSS.


Nobody in the school, including the principal, gave a shit, however.

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