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World of Tanks 9.7

Here we are again tankers. Update 9.7 is upon us! I, for one, am looking forward to the new French tanks, primarily so I can rant about how frustratingly bad they are. But that's only half the battle. I'm looking forward to the new update so I can return to the game after a long absence. The reason for said absence is that Gnomefather's mods stopped working for me, and thus I decided to clear the game until the next update, which arrives tomorrow.


What takes your fancy?


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I still have to buy the Object 263 and Object 430, then I will own every Soviet tier 8,9 and 10 machine.

I use Jove's modpack, always updated as it's a Russian modpack.

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I'm still working to buy every tank in the game. Even if the Frenchies are crap beyond reason, they are still part of the deck. Atm I'm working my way into Tiers VII to VIII.

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