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Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time



Why, hello everyone, and welcome back to a Juggerpony Blog! So, I have a confession to make.... I didnt know what to do for a blog today. I have a few planned, but they are still in the progress stage. It would help me out a lot if you guys could give me something to talk about. So, after you are finished reading, throw a comment my way telling me what to review next. I am becoming desperate, and am running out of ideas.


Anyway, guys, this blog will be on my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. This will include shows that are no longer airing and shows that are still running. In my final 5, I will list one episode from the show that was my favorite. So, yes guys, MLP will be in this list somewhere. Unfortunatley, and spoilers, it isnt my number one. But, without further a do, lets get this list over with. So, grab yourself a can of Moxie and a Dum Dum Lollipop, because we are diving in!


10. NCIS: No, not Los Angelis. The ACTUAL NCIS. I love this show. It was introduced to me by my Grandpa a few years ago, and I absolutley fell in love with the show. From the action, to the mystery solving..... GOSH, I could watch it for hours.


9. Little House On the Prairie: This is an interesting show. Based on the widley popular books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the show followed a young Laura and her family during the Pioneer days. I became introduced to the show when my Mom had to get an operation on her foot when I was younger. I would spend hours with her watching the show, and I quickly fell in love with it. My Mom owned every single season from the show..... Yeah, I watched a lot. The only reason this isnt higher on my list is because there are others which i have come to love way more.


8. Saturday Night Live: I love this show. Enough said. Really. Saturday Night Live is a show that has been going since the late 1900's, till present day. A lot of popular stars today have been premiered on the show, and I love watching there cameos. I know people are going to be asking what my favorite scetch is , so I will enlighten you. my favorite scetch from the show would be the one that introduced me to SNL: Living in a Van down by the River. Starring the great Chris Farley as a motivational speaker, it is a must see. And I mean, a MUST SEE. IT IS HILARIOUS! If you havnt watched it yet, look it up. You havnt lived until you have watched Chris Falrey in this role.


7. The Simpsons: Ok, pretty obvious. And no, I dont mean season 16 and above. I mean when the show was actually good. It centered around a disfunctional family who would get into different shenanigans. If you ever take a gander at watching it, I recommend the older episodes. Like all shows, The Simpsons went through Seasonal Rot (If you dont know what I am talking about, look at Modern Day Spongebob). Oh, and for the record, I hate Family Guy. With a burning passion.


6. Star Trek: Yes, I mean the old show. About a year ago, my Dad gave me the Complete first season of Star Trek for Christmas. Being a (Hardcore) Star Wars fanboy, I was intrigued. So, me and my Dad sat down and watched it. And for the record, it was HILARIOUS. From the humor in the show, to just some of the cheap things they had on set. I have to say, if you are looking for something funny to watch, watch Star Trek Season 1. Oh, and watch closely when there is a fist fight in the show. That is when it gets pretty funny. Besides that, though, it tackled some seriosu things. I have fallen in love with the characters.


5. Everybody Loves Raymond: This is not a very known one. This was a show created during the Age of Sitcoms (The Cosby Show, Happy Days, etc.) This show was centered around Raymond, a sports loving journalist and his dysfuntional family. It is absolutley hilarious. From his over obsessive mother going neck to neck with his outspoken wife, to his Dads constant wise cracks, this is a show to fall in love with.


I dont really have a favorite episode for this one, but my favorite season from the show is its last one, Season 9. Robert and Amy are married, and I absolutley LOVE Amy's character. Innocent and funny. Anyways, a great show to check out.


4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who didnt see this one coming? I lOVE Star Wars: the Clone Wars. I talked about it a little bit in my Star Wars, Rebels Review, but I dont think that justified my absolute LOVE for the show. It took place between Star Wars episode 2 and 3, and focused on the elusive Clone Wars. It was a great show, with likable characters and a great premise. If you havnt seen this show, and you have Netflix, you absolutley must watch it. A good starting episode would be the Season 1 episode, Rookies. I have always found the episodes that center on the Clone Troopers to be the best.


I am conflicted on which my favorite episode is. My SINGLE favorite episode would be the Season 4 episode, Darkness On Umbara. It takes place ont he planet of, you guessed it, Umbara, where the Republic launch an epic seige upon the planet. After Anakin is called back to Coruscant, Jedi Master Krell takes over command of the troops. And, with his reckless tactics, gets hundred of Clones killed. Captain Rex is conflicted: Does he follow the orders given to him, even though he knows they are wrong, or does he disobey orders, and save the lives of his men. The Umbara Trilogy is the best in the series, but I feel this is the best single episode. My next favorite in this arc would be Carnage of Krell. I wont spoil the end, but this is by far the best Arc in the show. If you are new to the show, I still recommend Rookies first. But after Rookies, I say watch these episodes.


3. Star Wars: Rebels: I already did a review on why I love this show here.


My favorite episode from the show, like anyone else who watched, would be the Season 1 finale, Fire Across the Galaxy. I cant really say the premise of the episode without revealing the rest of the arc. But I just have to say that it was a very satisfactory ending for a first season. Plus, we got introduced to a character returnign from the Clone Wars. THE HYPE IS HIGH WITH THIS ONE!


2. My Little Pony: Do i really need to explain why I like this show? Good morals, lovable characters (Shippers, Im watching you!), and a great fandom. For the most part.


My favorite episode to date would have to be the Season 5 Opener, The Cutie Map. I also did a review of that here.


1. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Didnt see this one coming, did ya? Thats right, the only show I love more than MLP is MST3K. MST3K was a show that aired a long time back, and went for multiple seasons. It centered around a guy (Mike, Joel, the host changed over the seasons), and a few talking robots, as they sort of did a live commentary over these old crappy movies. It was hilarious and had me entertained. Before I go bed each night, I stay up and watch an episode or two.


My favorite SHORT they did would have to be whent hey reviewed the first episode of Gumby "Robot Rumpus". The show is now on Youtube, so look it up! You have no excuse not to watch. I recommend the above episode to watch. It's only about 10 minutes long, and is pretty freaking funny.


And that, guys, was my top 10 favorite TV shows. Do you disagree with any of my choices? Believe one show should have been above another? Comment! Each comment submitted gives this cat a watermelon.





Guys, this cat really wants to buy a Rainbow Dash plushie, but cant! In his world, Watermelons are currency. So, each comment given will get this cat one step closer to his plushie. HIS PLUSHIE, DARN IT! THINK OF THE KITTENS. And that is all for today. Oh, and before I forget!


I am starting up a Brony Skype Group! People should join! We will talk about the show, do collabs, and everything else fun in the world! PM me or post in the comments if you are interested. Ok, bye guys, and see you next time.


Juggerpony, out!


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