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Quick Opinion

Tech Reel


Hey everybody! :muffins:


I just need a quick little opinion on something.

I'm starting a Patreon, and I've struggled a bit with coming up with rewards.


I have a few here, and I just would like to know if they seem alright.


$1 gets you access to my "Patron Only" stream. Over there I'll be posting some exclusive content that you can only see if you donate!


$5 will get your name put in an end screen at the end of my next video, showing the world that you're helping out and I'm super grateful! This includes the previous reward.


$10 gives you the opportunity to make me say whatever you want. Give me a message, a shout out, a movie quote, or anything that you want to hear come from my mouth. I'll say it in a video for your entertainment! Of course, this excludes any profanity or "R rated" content. And the previous rewards are also included with this one.


Let me know what you think ;)


Recommended Comments

I'd say buff up the $5 one

Yeah, it is pretty weak for $5.

I'm thinking maybe I'll mix the $5 reward and $1. $10 will be the new $5, then I just need a new $10.

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