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Anime Central XVIII




Anime Central is upon us once again, and for the 8th straight year I make my pilgrimage to the city of Rosemont, suburb of the metropolis that is (que singing) Chicagoooooooo! Chicagooooooo! (ends singing). Just like the Polish before me I will indulge in 3 days of anime, parties & expensive purchases, while my fellow otaku go off to battle 34,000 wehrmacht in the town of Wizna. Or... something along those lines.


I'm looking forward to this a little more than usual because I feel like I've only reconnected with anime recently thanks to S.A.O, Kill La Kill & The Devil Is A Part Timer. I've been out of the otaku loop for the past year or so cause, well, ponies! But there is a sort of magic, a sort of familiarity & nostalgia I feel when I return to those hallowed grounds. For once I'm not confined to my house in my small town village, or my place of work in the slightly bigger town next door. I'm not amongst the normal people, the conformists, the mundanes, the elderly folk or the middle schoolers.


I get to be among my people! The otaku, the nerds, the geeks, the fanatics, those who aren't afraid to show themselves. Sure I'll hardly talk to any of them, I'm just awkward & asocial that way, but there, I don't have to hide, I don't' have to avoid, I don't try blend in, I try to stand out. I get to be a part of a crowd that has energy & enthusiasm.


Tonight I pack! Tomorrow I depart right after work! All I'll be needing are some cargo pants to carry my camera, phone, MP3, some swag shirts & my fedora trilby. Maybe I'll bring my Chrysalis plush along.


We cracked 30,000 last year. Lets see where we end up in 2015.


To those in the upper midwest & great lakes region: See you at the frontlines!


P.S. Don't forget the soap.





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