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New Nintendo 3DS XL Review



I decided to do a review on the New Nintendo 3DS XL which came out in February. I've got it since the launch so here is my review. Now everyone was shocked when this was announced but I was okay because I felt like I needed to upgrade anyway since my original launch 3DS died the same month.


The New 3DS XL is an upgrade to the Original 3DS XL but this version has new features including faster processing power, Amiibo Support, Face Tracking 3D, and Built in C Stick and ZL and ZR buttons. It's glossy but not completely glossy like the original 3DS. It feels really good because it's rounded and feels really comfortable to hold. And it also retains the button layout, dual screen, and touch screen.


Unfortunately there is also a regular size version that's slightly smaller and more compact with interchangeable faceplates but that one is not available in America only in Japan, Europe, and Australia. If it only came out in Japan it would make more sense but if it came out in Europe and Australia too the smaller one should've come out in America too. But I don't think it's a huge loss because the XL is still pretty compact and not too much bigger.


Some improvements include faster processing, which I mostly only saw for load times in games like Super Smash Bros. because load times are quicker. It also has Face Tracking 3D which means you will still see the 3D even when your eyes move around. However it's not perfect because sometimes when I move so fast it takes time for track your eyes but still an improvement. Also there is Amiibo support where you can use Amiibo figures in games like Super Smash Bros. and use them as characters.


However it does have drawbacks. For one the system doesn't come with an AC Adaptor so anyone who has never owned any system from the DSi or 3DS lines has to buy one seperately. I certainly don't mind since I've owned 3 of the same AC Adaptors from those lines so it's only a big deal if you've never owned any of those systems. Another drawback is that it uses microSD instead of standard SD cards but here's the kicker you have to use a screwdriver to access it making using external storage impractical. So if you're going to use the Micro SD slot often, it can feel inconvenient.


The graphics aren't the best. They are low res and graphics don't look as smooth as on other devices but the graphics still look very good.


The New Nintendo 3DS XL has a ton of games available for it both physical and digital. There are games from iconic franchises like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, A Link Between Worlds, Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Star Fox 64 3D, Super Smash Bros for 3DS, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Tomodachi Life, Monster Hunter 4, etc. There is also the eShop which have cheaper downloadable games and apps. There's not as many apps as the iOS App Store but it's still very diverse. There are a bunch of games on there including classic Gameboy, Gameboy Color games, and NES games. One game from the eShop I play a lot is Pokémon Battle Trozei which is an addicting puzzle game and I use mostly that as my quick fix gaming. I just want to point that out because some people aren't aware the 3DS has an app store equivalent. There is also this app called Colors 3D which is a really good art program. The New 3DS XL will have a few games exclusive to it like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D which takes advantage of the faster processing power. Not to mention it's also backwards compatible with DS games giving you thousands of games to play on it.



  • Massive Game Library
  • Built in C Stick and ZL/ZR buttons
  • Well Built
  • Faster processing
  • Very Comfortable to hold
  • Good Handheld Graphics
  • Stable 3D
  • Amiibo Support
  • DS Backwards Compatibility


  • Regular Size available everywhere but America
  • Doesn't include AC Adapter
  • You need a screwdriver to access the Mcro SD slot
  • Not many New 3DS XL exclusive games out yet

Overall The New 3DS XL is a great handheld. But if you already have a 3DS I wouldn't recommend it unless you want the faster processing, Amiibo supports, or exclusive games like Xenoblade. Xenoblade is the only exclusive game out now so I would wait for more exclusives to come out. But for those new to the 3DS line or those who really need to upgrade I highly recommend yo get this system.


Score: 9/10

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