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Midnight Scribbler


Ok guys, so something happened to my friend and I back in March, and I thought I'd share it with you, just because it was so utterly bizarre, I'm not even sure what to make of it. It was around 1 AM one night, I was playing games with my headset on, and I started hearing something that wasn't in my game. I took my headset off, realizing then that the noise was coming from outside my apartment. I went out on the balcony, and heard the most creepy and unexplainable sounds I'd ever witnessed. They were loud enough to get my attention through sound proof glass, and over my headset. They also woke my friend up, who had his window open, and was listening from his room. The sounds soon died off, but we were both kind of spooked by it, because of how strange it was, so we stayed up watching TV for a while.


Around 3AM, the sounds started up again. This time my friend had his phone ready to record it, and we captured a minute and twenty seconds of it from our balcony. Let me know what you think. There's a brief description on the soundcloud page.


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Nah, I can definitely tell you that's not what this was. I've lived in the country for years before moving to the city, and I've lived in this city before as well. If this was a group of bats, they'd have been sounding off into a massive amplifier with huge amounts of distortion. Bats aren't very loud at all, in fact they barely make much noise if any. This was loud enough to be heard over my headset, through sound proof glass.

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It was way too loud to be that. We weren't the only two to hear it either, there were people out on the other balconies across the street looking around in confusion. If it was wind, it was being forced at high speed through a bunch of different sized tubes to make that kind of noise, but I live in a brand new building on the top floor. I know it wasn't coming from my building.

It honestly sounded like someone was playing sound effects on a loudspeaker in the sky, but there was nothing I could see that would make a noise like that. It really didn't make any sense.

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