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So wait, it's bad to like an episode?

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So yeah Tommy Oliver left, I think we should all know that by now. This has caused some discussion among the fandom, so I think it's time for me to to throw my two cents into this.


First, I find it weird how Appleloosa's Most Wanted was the ultimate final straw for him. I mean, the episode is probably my least favorite of the season so far, but that's more in a meh kind of way.


Second, from what I've heard, it was kinda expected. I mean, I just heard that in his Cutie Map review, he said that anyone who enjoyed it is a mindless drone. That is a fallacy and a blanket statement to say that.


Also, his rant on the fandom is too condescending in nature. If you want people to take you seriously, never act overly cynical. It just makes the tone sound bitter and you to sound elitist.


Now the big one. The part where he said that the fandom was being overly positive. To this I say,


When did it become a crime to like an episode?


Yes, it's apparently bad to be overly positive on an episode. Yes I get it, some people will say that the whole show is perfect and flawless which is a lie. Nothing is perfect. But hey, why let people still enjoying the show bother you? It's not like that greatly affects you and will be a big deal. There are episodes that I have personal gripes with, but hey if you like those episodes, then I won't hold anything against you. This should be the standard for critics. When critiquing an episode, make sure that A. Your arguments make sense and B. Your tone is sound. When your tone comes off as bitter and cynical, you just sound whinny. I'd recommenced going the route of someone like Dr. Wolf. He looks for the good and bad of an episode and even when he has a negative opinion, still manages to hold a sound tone.


I honestly really don't care that Tommy Oliver left. I unsubbed him a while ago and plus, better critics like Silver Quill and Dr. Wolf came around after that. So yeah, so long farewell.

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I've never heard of this idiot, but frankly it doesn't even matter any more... he sounds like an outright douche.

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I agree, although I'd add I think he took YouTube comments too seriously. I mean, YouTube is famous for having some of the most rage- and hive mind-prone commenters on the interwebs. Just because they didn't agree with his negative assessment of an episode was no reason for him to just storm out of the fandom angrily like that, I think he's just a little bitter about something, not sure what though.

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Who is this guy anyway? The only Tommy Oliver I know of is the one from Power Rangers, so this has been confusing to me.


Though, way to completely self-destruct. If the guy no longer liked the show, the smart thing would have been to bow out gracefully rather than make a complete ass of himself.


I mean, I've been highly critical of episodes before, but that's my opinion. If people still like it, great. That's fine. 

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I can understand his point in how people would not like to hear how this episode they happen to like isn't perfect or even as good as they believed, but that is simply life and how individuals are. You cannot expect everyone to agree with everything you believe in. His inability to handle opinions against his own and his apparent vision of the show not meeting to what the show is going through is why I believe he left.


There's possibly something deeper though as I think something happened in his clique or so that caused him to lash out like that.

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Also, saying those who liked the Cutie Map episode are mindless drones is very immature and hypocritical of him.

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He is just taking peoples comments way to serious and besides you can't expect everyone to have the same opinion as you. Who really cares if someone likes an episode you don't like just because it has some flaws doesn't mean that you can't like it.


ps just because you don't like some of the community doesn't mean the whole community is like that. and just because you don't like the fandom doesn't mean that you have to stop liking the show

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