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What I did Before MLP

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(Feel like I already did a blog about this, but I can't seem to find it)


Yeah, I made let's plays with a friend. I deleted most of the ones on my channel because they sucked. But they weren't deleted off my friend's old account. He has since then moved to a new account, and never deleted them. We were both about 13 when we made these, and oh they suck. This was before I hit puberty and before I got into MLP. So here's all the ones I'm in. You should recognize me quickly.





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They're not as bad as you say. XD

I actually laughed pretty hard!


Especially the Majora's Mask one.


And I happen to be 13 and going through puberty myself as of now but through girl things. D:

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I actually tried doing Let's Plays at one point but stopped because I didn't have the proper equipment or the patience to do them.

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