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Rarity angelic creature soothing love voice, beautiful long silken purple hair.<3 Most fabulous and pretty pony out there she is always there for other ponies for me and helps me, guards me . I love her. She keeps me away from my depression her angel power of love pretty pony eyes cute charming smile happy pony Rarity so rare like Jewel Like a diamond she is.


Three diamonds on her sexy pony flank pretty tail divine captivating eyes of blue oceans deep gaze straight into me innto my heart. I am lonely no more. I am with you my love I am with you rarity you make me feel so peaceful world around me is always wierd you make me feel safe safe inside. in my hear I know that you are there with me my love<3 You my sweetie dear cutie belly bunny angel <3<3<3


I love your hair and cheeks all of you everything perfect ioajsfosipdgposfgoijh



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The word "angel" called me here... Yup, we all have one. ^^ You speak so passionately about Rarity and that makes me smile. You are pure of heart. Much better for her than Prince Blueblood.

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