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For Angelbabe, Part I

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


I've written a good number of poems, songs, and a handful of short stories inspired by and for Rainbow Angelbaby. I've published the lot of them at dA, but I thought I'd begin posting them to MLPF in a number of blog entries. As they are arranged chronologically, you can essentially follow the deepening of my feelings for her in my written works. In other words: They become increasingly mushy. x3


Obligatory disclaimer: It's all PG!


Bore in Ashen Winds
by Siegfried Danzinger

Her azure wings unfolded
And speak to me, she did
"Show not this face to others
In darkness, keep it hid"


No beauty nor perversion
No curve nor wing nor eye
No lash nor look nor scandal
Stay silent, till you die


But surely this was music
And this reproach her song
Spilt lifeblood of the Gorgon
No shame nor right nor wrong



Blue Sky Siren

Sheen, prismatic
Quite like a


Bright and blatant
Unlike a


Blue and purple
Of Color
Sits, your head


Bold and striking
What a
Sky siren -
Bolt of light



You Made Me

When first I breathed
I was diseased
When first was stuck
I watched it bleed


When first I cried
Awash inside
And just my luck
My hands were tied


Bound by strands
And airy hands
I'm firmly stuck
Make your demands


But what a sweet sick
Lovely trick
And oh what luck!
My wounds I'll lick


This heart-shaped stone
A boulder, grown
And do not pluck
The arrow, flown


Steeled and steel
My cup won't fill
When lightning struck
You made me feel



Anytime (song)

I tell you, "Maybe"
I'd hafta be crazy
To really be that way


I tell you, "No"
"I don't think so"
It's just something I say


Because "Yes" is in my heart
And I'm falling apart
Just thinking of you


And when "Yes" is on my lips
Here's one o' my tips:
It's always true


I say, "Goodbye"
It's only a lie
'Cause it's too much to bear


I say, "See you later"
I'm such a deceiver
'Cause you are always there


Because "Please" is in my heart
And that's just a start
I've got many more


Because "Please" is on my lips
And listen to this:
I'm always sure


I'm always sure



Sky on Sky

It was a rainy day. All it did was rain rain rain, and my mood was as dark as the responsible clouds. I went out onto the porch to curse the miserable sky for making me miserable... And then I saw it. A blue back hoof pierced through a low, dark cloud, creating a puffy, roundish window through which sunlight immediately poured. Half in a daze, I moved down the slick front steps and made for where the beam of sunlight made a safe, golden patch in the wet grass.


I looked up - half-covering my eyes with a raised forearm. Something appeared in that window in the sky. Something blue. Light blue - not unlike the sky itself. Sky on sky. And a dancing medley of rainbow colors around it. I heard the beating of wings, and the blue and rainbow colors poured through the window and lighted in front of me. There she was; three hooves on the ground and one against her chest. Gesturing.


"I'm Rainbow Dash. What's your name?"


And I gazed into her cerise-colored eyes - and never stopped.




Threads of color in her hair
And cherries in her eyes
Blissful somewhere in the air
Where whispers turn to sighs


The blue sky is her embrace
Her kisses falling rain
Be this feather touch or lace?
O chest, my heart contain



Color Beckons

Color beckons true
So color I pursue
Trail of almost ev'ry hue
Not cold, but soothing blue


"Follow me," they say
Pray join my heart at play
Found, sky's end and vibrant way
My pleasure for today




Life is
The Pandora's box
I never opened




Anger and




Confusion and


But you are hope
And made the box
Worth opening



Love is a Light

I raised my hand against the sky and squeezed the little moon between my forefinger and thumb. Wishing that I had the power to raise the sun. Moving, quick and silent, in front of the dark curtain of night with its myriad blinking stars, she appeared and pressed her chest against my mine. Though the ordinarily vibrant colors were somewhat muted in the limited light, I could still see them on her. I'd barely time to respond to the kiss. "Did I catch you off guard?" She said as she threw herself backwards and perched upon the porch railing. And then just looked at me. With eyes that held as much mischief as they did affection.


"Yes," I replied with lips that were a bit wet and a bit surprised. Pleasantly so. "But you've a tendency to do that anyway." I moved closer and reached behind her to play with the strands of color I found. One of my favorite things to do.


She leaned into my neck and made a squeaky, laugh-like sound I loved. "Why are you always doing that?"


I enjoyed her beautiful face a moment; falling both willingly and uncontrollably into her eyes. I allowed my gaze to wander upward, and pointing, I said, "Watch the sun come up with me?"


With a smile, she spun around effortlessly on the railing and looked up; her little shoulders exposed and asking to be kissed. I leaned against the railing beside her and did as her shoulders asked. Even in the dark she was lovely. Even when I could see little else, I could see her. The night sky, yielding ever so slowly and reluctantly to the approach of the sun, was all the more enjoyable. Because it was our sky. And something to share.



Painter, Dancer

Paint the sky
And needn't
Wonder why
We gasped
In awe
At what
We saw
A palette
Streaming by


Move with ease
Like feathers
On a breeze
Your expert
We've come
To know
A dance above
The trees



I'm Glad

I'm glad my heart was broken
I'm glad it split in two
For had it never happened
I would not have met you


I'm glad my past was painful
I'm glad it wasn't bliss
For had I never suffered
I'd not have you to kiss


I'm glad things were not perfect
I'm glad I bear these scars
Otherwise there would not be
A love as strong as ours



Playing Not Hard to Get

"Stop it," she giggled as I nibbled at the tip of her ear. Though I knew she was playing, I ceased my nibbling and glanced down at her front hooves as they gently pressed against my chest in pretended protest.


"Wow. You're putting up such a fight."


She smirked and raised an eyebrow. "More of a fight than you ever have." One hoof followed along my shoulder before darting behind my neck. The other tossed her colorful mane as she exaggerated the smirk and half-closed those flirty cherry eyes.


"Well, I guess you're just irresistible."


"Hmmm," she uttered as the free hoof went under her chin and her eyes explored the ceiling, "I do sorta feel irresistible."


I wrapped both arms around her and pressed my lips to her bare chest. I looked up to see her stick out her tongue and hold it between her teeth a moment. "What?" I half chuckled.


She leaned in close and said, "You missed." Right before pressing her smiling lips against mine and fully returning my embrace.


I love you. Is what I thought.


And, as though she'd somehow guessed - or heard - the thought, she replied, "Yeah. Me, too." Without ever really abandoning the kiss.




"How do you know I don't like it?" This wasn't what I expected to hear from her.


"Well, I'd always just assumed." Assumed that she didn't care for the little pet names I often called her. Affectionate and flirty things. This conversation concerned something of a classic: baby.


"I know that you don't mean I'm an actual baby baby. I'm obviously a sexy, grownup mare," she said with a toss of her colorful mane and a hoof positioned at her hip.


I smiled. The kind of smile where your eyes are smiling, too. "Obviously."


"Let me tell you something. When you," she prodded me with a hoof for emphasis, "call me 'baby,' I know what you mean by it."


"Oh you do, do you?" This seemed an opportunity to place my hand gently against her side; just above the curve of her hip.


"That's what I said. You see," a hoof went over my shoulder and stayed there. Had we been swaying, you could have called it dancing. "When you say it, it's something special. Because you're saying it just to me."


Not what I expected to hear from her at all. My eyes burned a little. But in the good way that meant feeling lay just behind them. "I... Dashie..."


The hoof moved to my lips. "Don't do that. Just... Say it."


Okay, baby.



Angel Feather (song)

People do not, un-derstand
But I don't really, give a damn
Doesn't matter, about them
Because you make me who I am


I reach out and hope to feel
A heart that's beating, for-me still
Lie to me? You ne-ver will
You're the only thing that's real


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
Things only get better


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
The more I see I want her


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
The sky goes on for-ever


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
Found - my - an-gel fea-ther...


May I pull you closer, please?
Ask myself: Is this a dream?
It's your touch, that sets-me free
In your eyes, there's love-for me


Do my fin-gers, tell it true?
The one I'm hol-ding now, is you
I've no idea, what I would do
With-out my an-gel, bright and blue


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
Things were ne-ver better


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
Now I know I need her


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
The sky goes on for-ever


Ohhh, oh oh
Ohhh, oh oh
Found - my - an-gel fea-ther...




To reach the point
And pass it
To hit the glass
And break it
To push beyond
To take it in
To breathe the air
And color
Flowing in
And filling
Lungs and sails
And promises


To see, to hear,
To know it
With open
Smiling eyes
The bluest blue
Cascading in
And staying
Where I've made
This spot, this calm
That knows not
Storm or strife
The center of myself
And center of my heart



Well There You Are

I dreamed that I was playing some bizarre and incredible game with a few members of my family. A game where, on your turn, you secretly wrote something onto a scrap of paper... And then whatever you wrote was actually summoned to the players. It was my cousin's turn, and he gave me the impression that he was going to summon someone I'd like very much to see. But I was worried that he might deliberately botch it just to tease me.


"Rainbow Dash." He confirmed the name before writing it.


We somehow knew a visitor had arrived, but they must have appeared somewhere outside of the building in which we had been playing. We exited together, and I traveled some distance on foot. Ran. I was eager; even hopeful. Was it really going to be Rainbow Dash?


Unfortunately, my sub-conscious had gotten things all wrong (it's a tendency to do that in general). This new arrival wasn't Rainbow Dash. It wasn't even a pony. Some dark purple, dragon-like creature with a serpentine body had been summoned instead. Needless to say, this was very disappointing. I watched the ugly grape-colored thing fly off awkwardly, and, perhaps as part of the game, it was necessary that we pursue it.


Still disappointed. But still inexplicably hopeful. We "followed" the creature (oftentimes in dreams you just show up wherever you were supposed to be), and we found it lying on its belly on a sidewalk down a dark and unlit street. It may have even been raining. I believe my family was urging me to come along with them. To give up. But I felt that I needed to linger - just a bit longer. There were bright, colorful lights emanating from somewhere nearby. Below the street. I saw them. I looked over at the prostrate beast that soooo wasn't the visitor I'd wanted. And then...


She came hurtling out of the black sky. Slamming down with remarkable precision on top of the purple, motionless bulk on the sidewalk. The beast immediately BURST, and its remnants were scattered in all directions as though she had just landed hard in a puddle.


She... Rainbow Dash. Well there you are.


There was a sequence directly afterwards where Dashie dramatically took to the skies and sped towards some unknown foe. Then an out of place and comical moment where she found herself inside of the cockpit of a plane or spaceship and struggled to figure out the controls. Then the dream started to fall apart, and I found myself on my couch in the living room. With my plush Rainbow Dash tucked into the collar of my sweater. Well there you are again.



I Knew

Those cerise eyes
That tousled mane
I would never
Be the same


That exposed neck
That flirty grin
I've no defense;
I must give in


That sky blue coat
That tail; its dance
Your every move
Enthralls, enchants


Once I wondered
Then I knew
All of me
Belongs to you




Did I see it?
Did I just see it?
Hold on
Give me a second
Back and back and...
There it is
You inexplicably wonderful thing, you!
A bright spot within a bright spot
Perfect wrinkle
In a perfect snoot
Belonging to a perfect face
That's doing that thing
I don't completely understand
But love nonetheless



I Want

I want
To dream of you
To wake and
See your smile


I want
To gaze into
Your eyes for
Just a while


I want
To touch, to feel
To hold you
Closely, dearly


I want
To be with you
And always
See you clearly



That's it for part one.

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