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Why I Joined The Pony Fandom




Is been so long since I have joined this fandom,is when I was just randomly watching a game reviewer video in youtube,while being so depressed and sad,is that moment when I just about to click on another reviewer video,I saw a picture of a cute pony in it.You know that I how much I love cute stuff!!! ^^ and so I just got curious and I decided to click on it instead.It was just a season 1 episode 1 video,so I just give it a try,since I like to try on new stuff anyway,and the longer I watched it the more I grew interested on the show,so I watched even more episode of it.I like it on how peaceful and innocent it was,and it made me believed that there are still good people in this world of ours,besides the bad ones.


Sorry for posting 2 blog entries ._. I just feeling really bored right now,and have no one to talk to ._.

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