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The Flag of the Commonwealth shall not be changed

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So during the big Confederate Flag debate, the Boston Globe published an article stating that the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state name and motto and city names should be changed because it might offend the Native American tribes here.


I'm sorry, but no. Let us keep things the same.

  • The Wompanoag on the flag represents the Wompanoag tribe, who helped the first European settlers of Massachusetts adapt to the land and helped prepare the first Thanksgiving, ergo, it's part of our history.
  • The state name refers to the Massachusett tribe, who helped publish the first Bible in America and one of their own, Crispus Attucks, was a victim of the 1770 Boston Massacre.
  • Town names also pay tribute to local tribes that helped settlers there.
  • The state motto, Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem (By the sword we seek peace, but only peace under liberty), was written by Algernon Sidney in 1659, a soldier-statesman who was an opponent of then-king Charles II and later executed for treason. He later became a martyr for the Whig party, which, in America, was succeeded by the Republican party.
  • As far as anyone's concerned, though, the sword can go.


And I fail to see how changing these things would do a service to the Native American tribes of New England. If anything, it will further erase them from history. They have a major cultural and historical significance here in Massachusetts, and letting them be forgotten is not something we will do. Our history as not only a state, but a country, is bloody and dark. Hiding it because people might be sensitive is not something we should do. This is our history, and even though it may be dark at times, we are damn proud of it!

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