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"The death of the PC has not been greatly exaggerated"

ignore pls



  • Only focuses on OEM sales, ignores that individual part sales are at an all-time high
  • Overly simplifies the issue, even going as far as bullshitting you by saying that Google desktop edition returns mobile sites when it, in fact, does not
  • Tries to get us to believe that businesses are replacing computers with mobile devices, which is totally efficient
  • Acts like everyone - and I mean everyone - buys a new PC as often as Apple adds a new button to their phone or something
  • Says that businesses will be hesitant to upgrade to Windows 10, even though 41% of businesses have stated that they will upgrade to Windows 10 after a few months, to give it time to stabilize
  • Ignores the need for typing things like documents, running virtual machines or making videos (let alone applications for your smartphone or tablet) completely


This article as a whole has been greatly exaggerated.

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The "author" of this article, *spouts inaccurate and minimally-researched bullshit for 8 paragraphs*.


Me after reading, "Well that was a good laugh".

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Reminds me of the "Consoles are Dying" argument. 

"[something that isn't a smartphone or tablet] is dying!!!! Here's some clickbait to prove it!"

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Why would PC die? What a load of poppycock

Smart devices are taking over the world!!!!


...what's that? Smart device sales have slowed down even more than pre-built sales? Can't you see I'm writing clickbait here?

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