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Magic Tricks Episode: Magic Cards

Moved to Elsewhere


(The story opens with shots of downtown Houdiniville. The shots show the streets and the different buildings. During this process, Willy is narrating).


Willy: Ah yes, downtown Houdiniville. Such a peaceful city. The drivers are on their Sunday drives, the birds chirping on a happy afternoon. Such a beautiful-


Emily (Interrupts him): Who are you talking to?


Willy: Uh, no one.


(We then show the three kids walking down the sidewalk).


Mark: Stay focused you two. Let’s just go into the card shop, grab our Danger Unicorn cards and get out of here.


(The kids proceed to walk into a card shop labeled ‘The Card Bard.’ They go up to the front desk and see a guy with a bard outfit and a ukulele. He happily greets them in song.)


Card shop owner: Welcome kids to the bard shop, shop until you drop. I’m David the best card bard, now go buy card.


Emily: Yes David. We know your name. You don’t need to sing it every time.


David (stops singing): Okay fine. What cards are you kids looking for?


Mark: We’re looking for some Danger Unicorn cards.


David: Ooooh. Sorry but we just sold our last one.




(Mark and Emily look at him.)


Willy: Too over-dramatic?


David: Yeah. It will take a while for us to get in a new stock so in the meantime, please enjoy our other cards.


(The kids sigh and start looking through the store for some other cards.)


Mark: Hmm lets see here. How about Box Monsters?


Emily and Willy: NOOO!


Willy: That’s so last year.


Emily: And it practically turned the whole school into zombies.


Mark: Yeah you’re right. (Continues digging).


(After digging for a bit, he comes across something that makes him gasp. Willy and Emily hear this and walk over to him. They gasp too.)


Emily: I can’t believe it.


Willy: This is shocking.


Mark: It can’t be.


(It shows the card wrapping, which shows a card labeled ‘Magic Moe’ with a younger looking Moe’s face on it.)


Mark: Dad was on a trading card?


Willy: Was my dad too?


Emily: Or my mom?


Mark: Lets see. (Looks at the other cards on the cover and sees Willy and Emily’s parents on the cards. They all collectively gasp.)


David: I see you guys are gasping at the new retro magician card collection. I'm seeing if these old magicians can still be hip with the young ins today.


Mark (Still shocked): Yeah, hip with us today. We'll take it.


David: Sold!


(The scene translations to back at Mark's house where the kids are showing Moe the cards.)


Moe: Ah yes, the magician cards. Good times. I was such a strapping young lad wasn't I honey?


Denise: Yes you were my magic guardian.


(They continue bantering well Mark rolls his eyes.)


Mark (Whispering):Hate it when my parents do this. (Clears throat)


Moe: Huh? Oh yeah, cards. I was the rarest and most valuable card. You're lucky this set comes with my card. I was certainly much more rare than Wally.


Wally (From somewhere else): HEY!


Moe: Just take these cards and see what they do. (Moe pushes them outside)


(The three kids stand there confused and shrug.)


(Transition to the next day at school where Mark is still staring at the cards at his desk.)


Emily: You still wondering what these cards are about?


Mark: Yeah. Dad didn't give me a clear explanation.


Willy: I guess this is a mystery we will have to figure out ourselves.


(Sophie sees the three staring at the cards and runs up to them.)


Sophie: What are you guys staring at?


Mark: it's just, these cards. They have our parents on them.


(Sophie gaps and take the cards.)


Mark: HEY!


Sophie: Oooh! Here's your dad. And here's a bunch more magicians. This card set is so awesome! HEY EVERYBODY! CHECK OUT THESE NEW CARDS!


(The entire class hears this and surrounds them.)


Kid 1: Woah these are cool!


Kid 2: I want all of them!


Kid 3: I’ll pay you my entire allowance for these!


(Kids start talking to Mark at the same time in some manner of wanting the cards.)


(The three main kids are all trying to calm them down until eventually, Emily yells.)


Emily: QUIET!


(Kids stop)


Emily: You can all have the cards. They just started selling them at The Card Bard.




(The rest of the students begin to run out of the classroom until the school cop leads them back in.)


Cop: Now now kids, school’s not over.


Kids: Awwww.


(Cut to the next day at school. All the kids have their own sets of magic cards and are seen trading them, showing off the rare ones, and just looking at them. The three main kids are seen at their desks not really getting into it. Sophie walks up to them.)


Sophie: Oh Maaaark, I’ll trade you this Warlock Warren card for that Magic Moe card.


Mark (looks at the card): I don’t know. I don’t really want to trade away the card of my dad. It seems kind of like betraying him.


Sophie: Oh come on. It’s the rarest one.


Mark: It is?


Sophie: Well I can’t seem to find any other kid with it.


Kid 1: Yeah I’m looking for the Magic Moe card.


Sophie: Mark has it!


Kid 2: He does?


Kid 3: I want it!


(All the kids start arguing, including Emily and Willy trying to stop them. While this is going on, Mark sneaks off to another part of the classroom. While sneaking, an arm from under the teacher’s desk and grabs him.)


Mark: AHHH, FINE YOU CAN TAKE IT JUST DON’T HURT ME I- (Looks and sees Ms. Strong, dressed in black kind of spy like gear.)


Mark: Ms. Strong?


Ms. Strong: Shhh, if you don’t want to be attacked by the zombies, stay down here.


Mark: But they’re your class.


Ms. Strong: For now. But after they get too into those cards, they will eventually start fighting over them, leading to them turning into zombies going through every nook and cranny to collect them all! It’s exactly what happened with (pause for dramatic effect) Box Monsters! (Lighting strikes) On an unrelated note, how do you like my new under the desk lightning effect? I’m testing it for when we do the Edgar Allen Poe unit.


(Mark just nods his head)


(Ms. Strong looks up at the other students, Mark does too.)


Ms. Strong: They seem to have passed stage 1, casually enjoying the cards with others. Now they’re on stage 2, fighting over them.


(Goes over to Sophie looking at an Enchanted Ellen card)


Kid 3: Hey can I have that Enchanted Ellen card?


Sophie: No, you didn’t offer a trade first.


(They look at each other and blink. They then proceed to fight over it.)


Ms. Strong: Next is stage 3, stealing.


Kid 4: Hey give me back my card!


Kid 5: Ha ha, now it’s mine!


Ms. Strong: Next is stage 4, zombies.


Mark (gulp): What do you mean by zombies?
Ms. Strong: They’ll gang up and go after the one card they all don’t have.


Mark: And what might that be?


Ms. Strong: Usually whichever one is the rarest.


(Mark suddenly has a flashback to earlier when Sophie says that the Magic Moe card is the rarest).


Mark: Oh no! I have the rarest card!


(The kids hear this)






(The class starts chasing after Mark and Ms. Strong)


Mark: Willy Emily run!

(Willy and Emily are seen to be part of the mob)


Willy: I must have that Magic Moe card!


Emily: You would give it to your best friend!


Willy: No I’m his best friend!


Emily: Says who?


(They start loudly bickering)


Ms. Strong: There can sometimes be more fighting in this stage!


(They run out of the classroom and to the front door, before they’re stopped by the school cop.)


Cop: Whoa Whoa Whoa, school isn’t over yet. It’s not 3:00. You can’t leave, and that includes teachers.


(They look at the clock, and it’s 2:59. They continue to stare at the clock as the zombie kids get closer.)


Mark: You’re the teacher! Punish them!


Ms. Strong: Oh yeah! Class, you better stop this or it’s detention for a week!


Kid 4: We’ll take detention for all eternity for that card!


Ms. Strong: Ok, that didn’t work.


(The bell rings)


Ms. Strong: School is over! Now run!


(They proceed to run out of the school with the class chasing them. A Benny Hill esc. chase scene plays complete with the music. This continues until they reach The Card Bard. They walk in and see David. He looks at them.)


David: Mark? Sweetie? What are you doing here?


Mark: Sweetie?


Ms. Strong: Oh yes, we’ve been dating for quite some time. He swept me off my feet and- (She continues talking/flirting with David as Mark watches the kid zombies get closer.)


Mark: Uh guys, I don’t think we have time for any lovey dovey catch up right now. They’re coming!


David: Who’s coming!


Mark: The zombie kids!


David: Zombie kids? I’ve never heard of that card set? I mean there are the regular zombie cards but-


Mark: That’s not what I mean! The magic cards I bought got out of hand and now the whole class wants my card because it’s the rarest!


David: Oh great it’s Box Monsters all over again.


Ms. Strong: Tell me about it.


Mark: How do we stop them.


David: I don’t think there is a way. Those kids have got us cornered. (They are approaching the store.)
Mark: Well it’s been nice knowing you too.


Ms. Strong: Nice having you guys as a student and a boyfriend.


David: I feel like playing a somber tune right now. Wait, a tune! That’s it!


(David gets up on his desk and starts playing some song about not getting too wrapped up in things you like and that turns the kids back.)


Sophie: Uhh, what happened?


Willy: Why are we at The Card Bard?


Emily: And why does it smell like zombie?


Mark: You guys were turned into crazy card zombies.


Emily: Card zombies? Oh dear.


Willy: I’m never gonna be a zombie again.


Kid 2: Hey guys look at these awesome zombie cards!


(The rest of the class looks at the zombie cards that David dropped.)


Ms. Strong: Okay, you can play with those, just don’t let them take over your mind and turn you into zombies. Promise?


Class: Promise.


(Ms. Strong goes up to Mark)


Ms Strong: And this, my friend, is the final stage.


Mark: They’ll eventually get bored of the old trend and move on to the new one?


Ms. Strong: Pretty much.


(Mark looks at the kids looking at the zombie cards)


Mark: Meh, I liked zombies before they were cool.


The End


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