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My Thoughts on Wii U



I've been a Wii U owner since February 2013, so I'm an early adopter. and i must say i do love the condole in spite of its flaws and poor sales.


I feel like Wii U is great as a dedicated gaming platform. it now has the "quality over quantity" motto that the N64 did. The Wii U might have terrible multiplats support but no doubt it has the highest quality exclusives of the generation. Games like Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Captain Toad, Duper Mario 3D World are amongst the best games i've ever played.


The gamepad is pretty nifty. Off TV Play is a great feature and the display is great although i do wish the battery life was a little better. I like the OS/UI too. Clean,simple, and to the point.


with Wii backwards compatibility and NES, SNES, N64, GBA, and DS VC, Wii U is the closest thing to the ultimate Nintendo box.

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Admittedly the VC sucks compared to the Wii's despite getting Mother 1 and Earthbound. On the other it has Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101, two of the best games ever made

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