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Just Another Life Update

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I'm just here to update what's going on in my life and maybe have a small rant.


So this fall I'll be starting my senior year of high school. I feel so old. Senior year is usually the year you start applying for colleges/visiting colleges. For me, this would be all fine and dandy except for one thing: My mom is currently not in a financial position to pay for college. My sister is still in college and she's even having trouble paying for her due to losing some financial aid due to recently getting remarried. The dad paying? He has his own kids to pay for. So I don't even know if I'll be able to go to college in time. I might be able to do community college for two years until we've saved up enough to send me to a university. Problem is, I can barely drive. I probably won't have my license by then and even if I do, we still can't afford a car.


My question is, why is college so expensive? It's probably put many people in debt. I feel they should either make it cheaper or just let the government fund it. Though, we would get taxed for it.


Also small update, I've been back in Illinois for a few days now. Yay!

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Honestly, doing two years at a community college might actually be the best way to go. At least in California, most of the undergrad programs at big schools are a joke, with TA's teaching and kids having to watch lectures on TV monitors and such. I've heard from a professor that kids actually get a better education at community colleges than a place like UCLA or Berkeley for the first two years. Not to mention it's a hell of a lot cheaper, so don't despair bro. I'm sure it'll all work out :)

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I did community college for the first two years and it's really not bad at all. Look for transfer agreements ahead of time so you're planning based on the four year program you want to transfer into.

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You don't need to go to a uni.* My thinking is that, you should be able to make-do on grants through any/most community colleges' funding... The moral of the story is...depends on what you seek academically - will always dictate the costs. 

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