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Why I haven't been active here. A LOT of stuff going on right now.



So I decided to make a blog entry to update all my friends and just everyone in general as to where I've been and what I've been doing.


To those interested I've been extremely busy preparing to go to my Aunt's home to take care of here animals for a week while they're gone to Alaska. I have most of my food and other supplies ready (taking my computer as well). I've also been working 30+ hours a week in order to build up the funds necessary to pay off my loans and make my general payments. I've been feeling sick and tired almost every single day for the past few months and I've been taking medication to remedy that somewhat. I need to make a doctors appointment to figure out what exactly this is but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've also been very busy with the new Terraria 1.3 update (trying to collect everything in the game). I haven't seen my father in almost a year so I'm getting ready to visit him as well. And finally I've been preparing my supplies for my fourth year at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and I also need to contact my roommates to go over the logistics of what we'll all be bringing. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that my driver's test is next week as well. Stress should've been expected I suppose.


So yeah. With the combination of work, chores, packing, trying to contact people and never hearing back from them, and playing games that I've wanted to get back into for a very long time I just don't have as much time for the forums right now. Once all of this crap is dealt with and I'm back in my apartment then I'll definitely be more active here.


Oh yeah, and I just got a parking ticket by mistake due to the UWGB campus public safety being terrible at their jobs. I haven't been on campus since the middle of May and the ticket is dated for the 20th of THIS month.


And...that's it. Sorry for my absence and I hope you all have a fantastic day! I'll see you all later.

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