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Chikorita Talks About Conventions

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Conventions: You gotta love em... if you're able to got to them, because the big ones always seem to be held really far away from me.


Now, I can't say I've never gone to a con because well I have been, twice. One was Midwestria in 2012 and another was Chicago Comic Con. I am planning to go to the former again in a few weeks so I'll blog pictures from that as I did last year. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the distribution of cons around the world.


Ever notice how in the grasp of people hyping for Bronycon or BABSCon, there's always that group of people going, "Aww, I wish I could go?" That's because there in the same basic areas every year. Now well they're both on the east and west coast of the U.S. respectively, that's only 2 areas on the whole planet. I certainly don't live in Baltimore or the Bay area. Now, people are able to drive or fly there and stay in hotels. I can barely drive and have no car or license, so that's out. How about flying? Have you seen how expensive plane tickets are? I haven't even been on a plane in 8 years mostly due to my family not having a lot of money. Now I might go to Bronycon next year if I can get a job and save up enough, but I don't know.


The point I'm trying to make here is I feel that those few cons are the only ones with any real coverage. Well, them and Everfree Northwest. There are a lot more cons across the world that should get equal the amount of coverage.


These three cons seem to be the ones that get all the coverage on EQD, most of the crew of the show end up coming to them, and they get the highest attendance. You know what would work? If other cons got this much coverage. There is a small pony con in Chicago coming next year, and it only got maybe one or two features on EQD, and I haven't heard any other details since. Now, I'll still go to this Con, but I don't know how big the attendance will be. The other pony con we had in Chicago couldn't get enough money to go again because the attendance was low.


So what I think should happen is either cons in other areas should get more attention or we start adding more cons around the world. They've been doing a pretty good job with the latter but not the former.


This is Chikorita giving advice.

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