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How long will I be staying here?

ignore pls


Since I left the fandom, this is a question I've been asked multiple times. "How long will I be staying here?" This is a question I've been asking myself too.


If I had to make a rough estimate, I'll be here until around November - January. After then, I'll be gone. Just another former member of this site (and the fandom for that matter). And just what is the point in staying here for that long if I no longer enjoy the show this forum is built around? It's because I have friends here, and I am not ready to say goodbye to them just yet. If I do end up leaving earlier, though, I'll leave my contact information up on my profile if you wish to reach me after I left.


You may have noticed my activity here has gone down already. This'll only continue to go down further as time goes on. Time passes, people move... like a river's flow, it never ends.


And, please. Do not spam me with "DARING PLS COME BACK" messages after I do. That shit won't fly with me.

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Silly Daring,


In all seriousness, though, whenever you choose to leave, a lot of people will miss you, but you got people like me to talk to,

(and game with whenever we get the chance :P)

But perhaps sometime in the future you decide to come back and show Twily some lovin'.

Or not. Sad to see a member leave the fandom though. But not everyone can hold the same interest forever.

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This is also a question that i asked myself. "How long will i stay once the show ends?" I have no intentions on staying a brony for the rest of my life. Once the show ends, it will be the end for me.


But how long will i stay here then?


And i thought "probably for 6 months and then i am off." Gives me a bit of time to discuss the series as whole for awhile, spend some more time with my friends, etc.


It's not fun to stay around something that's over for me anyway, so i can understand you Daring. And i hope whatever you do in the future, i wish you the best of luck with it. ;)

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I doubt I'll stay either, brony or not. Any popular site will always have fans to non-fans. The site has blogs and other things that mostly have nothing to do with the show I've seen. It's like Facebook to me. I believe the only way I can enjoy the show and what it brings is simply by watching it and visiting Equestria Daily, they have some helpful news that gets me into the mood.


Sorry for my unwelcome post!

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