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Chicago Comic Con 2015 Recap

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So, I was off the forums for most of the day because I was at Chicago Comic Con. It was fun as usual. As you remember, I went last year and showed off some stuff I got. I'm here to do it again this year. Now, before I show you the pictures I was gonna show you a compilation of my favorite cosplays at the con, but I'm having some issues transferring the files to my computer so I'll show you those tomorrow.


First off, I mentioned in a status yesterday that I was gonna be doing a surprise cosplay. Well, here it is.'


Me as Steve Urkel on the right and my sister as Tonks (From Harry Potter) on the left


Now, I wanted to meet the YouTuber Black Nerd Comedy since I heard he was gonna be at this con but we couldn't find him. However, I was pleasantly surprised to meet another YouTuber there.


11891985_1061363887206941_2660322374403693002_n.jpg?oh=73d4d4fccf2f3a62fd403fa6e07d8a6a&oe=567EA690I met ToonKriticy2k along with one of his friends who I think was named UndercoverBrony or something.


I also got a few sweet merch while I was there.


This adorable Pokemon shirt that was just too adorable not to buy. :wub:
This adorable poster of Eevees pretending to be Eeveelutions.


And finally, this awesome Steven Universe poster,


And that was my Comic Con adventure in a nutshell. Tune in tomorrow to see the compilation of my favorite cosplays.

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