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My Super Mario Maker Level Collection #1

Alphys Hedge


This is the first entry in a series called "My Super Mario Maker Level Collection" (will be tagged as "smmlc"), where I post new Super Mario Maker levels I make! These aren't scheduled, and there will be a random amount of levels depending on how many new ones I have.
Here are the first two ones I made!
(Use the "Course ID" to play them if you have the game!"


1. "Infiltrate Bowser's Ship!"
Style: Super Mario Bros.
Theme: Airship
Amiibo Costumes: No
Sound Effects: No
Course ID: 3316 0000 0016 D549


2. "Lost Levels 1-1"
Style: Super Mario Bros
Theme: Ground
Amiibo Costumes: No
Sound Effects: No
Course ID: B63B 0000 001A 0698


I'll post another entry when I make more!

  • Brohoof 2


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