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Spoilers - A mind illness not kept in check that will grow further



Also blogged here: http://dowlphin.blogspot.de/2015/09/spoilers-mind-illness-not-kept-in-check.html


In the past I had my anger and frustration in the MLP fandom with people posting spoilers and just not caring whether others might not want that, despite it being common knowledge that spoilers are unpopular. I can understand when the sickos in TV programming feel the need to post episode previews right after an episode - it's tradition because they're afraid people might not watch it otherwise if they don't get a teaser.
But from fans of MLP I would have expected better. And this can't just be explained away with autism. I know that that manifest as an inability to put oneself in someone else's shoes, but that alone can't be it. It's good old non-caring about others; low social intelligence. One of the many aspects in which the MLP fandom is just like any other fandom or society in general.


A person who doesn't appreciate being surprised by a new episode, who doesn't enjoy the mystery and wait, but has so little discipline that impatience and own wants determine their decisions, has a mind imbalance. A mind that wants to control and accumulate. A tendency that also seeks to subdue the show to their will instead of respectfully bowing to its greatness and making an effort to live up to it. This issue is not limited to the MLP fandom, but manifests in many areas of society; it's a general problem.


So I had taken my personal consequences from experiences in this area, distancing myself from people and platforms where that common decency wasn't obeyed. Battle-hardened so to speak.
But guess what: It's not enough.


Apparently there was a panel at a convention where they catered to that issue and published a preview. I'm quite sure they unmistakably did label it as containing spoilers (because the makers of the show are relatively mature people), but that measure ends at the fans. So what is now reality is that a song from 8 episodes from now (currently the show has summer halftime), melody and lyrics, is being covered by fans. It will likely spread. And you cannot expect spoiler warnings. Because apparently a panel being labeled "spoilers" is not enough of a hint.
I do blame the panelists, too, though, because they had to know what would happen.


I remember when I was at a panel where M.A. Larson showed some writing process documents that were not for free publication, only for the panel. Filming and photos forbidden, and that clearly stated.
They still had staff closely watching and enforcing that rule. Insulting demonstration of a lack of trust?
Nope, smartest decision ever. Because without watchers you'd have to expect there to be jerks calling themselves bronies who would disrespect M.A. Larson himself and try to capture the document anyway. Because, you know, he's just some dude and MLP is just a damn TV show. Heard stuff like this from 'fans'.


They should have run the same rule for the panel where the song was played.


Furthermore, I was at a panel where an interview was to be done and they said no questions about the coming season would be answered in order to avoid spoilers for those who don't want that. There was moaning all throughout the audience! Many people there only cared about their own wants and didn't care about whether that would spoil things for 'their fellow bronies'.


I absolutely worship the show, but the fandom keeps disappointing me. And there's no indication for a change, because there aren't really agreed-on standards for the fandom and not enough people with the courage and/or energy to set them.


This comes shortly after an animator spoke about another aspect of the same problem complex in the fandom, about denial, and as expected people demonstrating that denial in the comment section.


And thus I am still on a quest for a healthy environment, because the sickness around me keeps making ME sick, too. Same result, but two totally opposite causes.


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