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Magic Tricks: My Dinner with the Walkers

Moved to Elsewhere


(This episode opens up at school. Ms. Strong who is dressed like a troll is taking role call. She’s calling out names and saying here.)


Ms. Strong: Sophie Rottle.




Ms. Strong: Sophie Rottle.


(Silence with Calving the Cricket making noises.)


Ms. Strong: Hmm, I guess she’s not hear and-


(Suddenly, an entourage comes in with trumpets playing and a red carpet coming out. Samuel and Sophie come walking out along with her butler).


Sohpie: You guys didn’t have to follow me into the classroom.


Butler: But we must madame. It helps make you look better.


Sohpie: I really don’t care about that uh… What was your name again?


Butler: You haven’t given me one today.


Sophie: Okay uh Salvador.


Ms. Strong: Excuse me Mr. Mayor why are you bringing all that stuff into my classroom?


Samuel: Because we are here to cordially invite one lucky guest and their family out to dinner at our humble abode.


Ms, Strong: Oh well you know. Me and my boyfriend weren’t planning on doing anything tonight so we’re free to-


Samuel: Oh not you, I met a student you troll.


Ms. Strong: Why thank you. I am a troll. *bows in the costume*


(Samuel clears throat and turns to class)


Samuel: As I was saying, we are having a big family dinner tonight. However, our chefs have prepared too much food for us to eat ourselves. So I came up with the brilliant idea of having my little future mayor (Sophie cringes) pick one kid in her class to bring his or her family to dinner tonight. (Looks over to Sophie) Now darling, I know this might be a very tough, nerve wracking decision to make and-


Sophie: I already picked Mark (Is dragged up in front by Sophie)


Samuel: Well very well then. I must be off then. Have a great day future mayor (kisses and walks off. Sophie still cringes).


Ms. Strong: Hey wait! (runs out of room) You forgot to clean up your mess!


(The class just sits there stunned. They look at Sophie).


Sophie: Welp, I should probably finish up the homework before Ms. Strong gets back. See you tonight at 6 Mark! (kisses him on the cheek and walks off. Mark cringes. Willy and Emily walk over.)


Willy: So Mark you get to go to Sophie’s giant house. How do you feel? (Mark is frozen in shock.) Mark?


Emily (Waves her hand in front of her face): Earth to Mark: Is anyone in there? (Still frozen)


Willy: And Sophie broke him.


Emily: Again.


(Transition back to the Walker’s house. Denise is playing one of Mark’s video games while Moe is feeding Ronald.)


Moe: Now Ronald, eat your carrot.


(Ronald shakes head no.)


Moe: Why not? Rabbits love carrots!


(Ronald pulls out a science book where it’s flipped to a page that shows a picture of a rabbit, then a plus, then a picture of a carrot, then an equal sign, then a skull and cross bone.)


Moe: Oh right. (takes off orange part and feeds him the vegetables. Mark comes in with his face still frozen from when Sophie kissed him.)


Mark: I’m home.
Denise (Looks at him): Oh don’t make faces like that, it will freeze that way.


Mark: Too late: (Forces his face back to normal.) Are you playing my game?


Denise: Yeah. This game is so addicting. I even beat the high score.


Mark: That’s cool so anywa- What? It took me weeks to get that high score! (To himself) Okay stay on topic. (Back to them). Sophie’s family invited us to dinner.


Moe: Oh Sophie the daughter of the mayor who’s been crushing on you since you could eat solid foods?


Mark: Yes unfortunately. It’s tonight at 6.


Denise: Oh we have to get ready then.


Mark: Do we really have to go?


Moe (walks up to him): Why yes Mark. It’s your duty as a magician in training to greet people who may be potential audience members at your shows.


Denise: We should probably dress formal for this.




Denise: Oh come on Moe, it’s only for one evening.


Moe: But my uniform is tradition. I must wear it everywhere I go, (Camera zooms in) and I mean everywhere.


(Cuts to Moe showering in the uniform then cuts back).


Denise (rolls eyes): Well just wear it underneath your suit.


Moe: I have a suit?


Denise: Yeah. (Goes into closet and grabs it). I got it for you for that magician banquet five years ago but you refused to wear it.


Moe: Oh yeah, that uniform.


Denise: Come on, it will please your potential audience member (smiles).
Moe (sighs): Fine, I’ll do it.


Mark: Now that that’s over with and the dinner is not for a few hours, I’ve got some bussiness to take care of.


Denise: You’re gonna try and beat my high score aren’t you.


Mark: Maybe. (sits down and plays it) I should be able to do it, I’ve got about 2 hours.


2 hours later


Mark: Darn it that felt too fast! (They’re all dressed up and at the door).


Denise: You ready Moe?


(Moe comes out in a suit and tie over his magician outfit and has a very distressed face).


Denise: Honey you look handsome!


Moe (cringing): Why thank you Denise.


Denise: Alright let's go.


(They transition to driving up to the Rottle’s mansion, It’s huge and has a fountain in the front).


Denise: Welp, we’re here.


Mark (sees it): Whoa, you wonder why Sophie’s dad doesn’t send her to some private school.


Moe: I have a big audience to please.


(They walk up to the door. Denise eyes the fancy looking doorbell and rings it. It rings so loud that it actually sends a gust of wind and causes dogs to bark, babies to cry, and the great wall of China to shake. It stops with the family frozen in shock. The butler then answers the door).


Salvador: Greetings Walkers. I’m the Rottle’s butler (reads name card) Salvador. And I shall guide you to the dining room.


(The Walkers are still a bit shocked but they follow him in and the door closes).


(They are walking through the giant mansion).


Moe: Whoa I’m pretty sure the inside is bigger than the outside.
Salvador: Of course it is. What do you think we are? A blue box or something?


Denise: So where are the Rottle’s anyway?


Salvador: Already in the dining room.

Mark: Where is the dining room?


Salvador: Oh let me just grab the house map (Pulls out map and it’s got details everywhere right down to coordinates). Ah, right over here.


(He guides the Walker’s in and they see the Rottle’s all poshed up, with Sophie looking uncomfortable.)


Samuel: Ah, welcome Walker’s. Please take your seat.


(They look at the table, and there are many seats.)


Denise: Which one.


Samuel: Preferably the one closest to us.


(They sit at the seats next to them. Moe looks around and clears his throat.)


Moe: So not to be rude or anything, but how rich are you?


Samuel: You know the White House?


Moe: Yeah.


Samuel: These chairs are worth more than that place.


(Moe has a 2 second state of shock.)


(Mark is sitting next to Sophie and looks over at her, realizing she hasn’t said hi to him nor have tried to hug him, or looks enthusiastic at all.)


Mark: Hi Sophie.


Sophie (Looks over at him): Oh, hi Mark. (The tone she says it in is kind of bummed.)


Mark: What’s wrong.


Sophie (Shocked a bit but still bummed): Oh nothing it’s just-


(Server comes in.)


Server: Dinner is served!


(A bunch of servers come in and bring in loads of food. They are all nicely prepared. Moe is still shocked with a stunned face when looking at the food. They all start eating and still hold conversation.)


Denise (Looks at the wife, Harriet): So Harriet, what do you like to do?


Harriet: Stuff that would be too dignified for your taste.


Denise: Well, maybe I’m not dignified, but I can still do many things. Like just today I beat the high score on my son’s video game.


Harriet (Looks up): What video game?


Denise: Why, Danger Unicorn vs. the Glue Maker.


Harriet (Gets a bit of an excited tone): You did? Why I’m still trying to beat my daughter’s high score!


Denise: You play video games? That’s not exactly dignified.


Harriet: I make exceptions. Anyways, I should take you upstairs and show you my high score.


Denise: Wouldn’t it be rude to leave the dinner table?


Harriet: Oh you can leave anytime. Anyways let’s go! (leads her up)
Samuel (laughs): Oh my wife, always doing silly things. My daughter isn’t like that (looks at Sophie) she’s destined for greatness. (Sophie sulks down in her seat) As a matter of fact, why don’t you show Mark your progress on becoming mayor in your room. You know, the stuff you researched on it.


Sophie (looks up): Okay. Come on Mark! (Grabs Mark’s hand).


Mark: Whoa, glad you got your enthusiasm back (They exit).


(Moe and Samuel are the only ones left.)


Moe (Clears throat): So, do you like magic tricks?


(Transition to Harriet and Denise in the game room. Harriet shows her the high score she got.)


Denise (looks at it): Pretty decent. But mine’s higher. Here, let me show you some tips. First, you gotta press A and Z to get more speed, then hit it with the special move.


Harriet: How do I do that.


Denise: With a button combination so hard, even my own son can’t remember.


Harriet: Whoa.


(Transition to Sophie dragging Mark to her room.)


Mark: Wha Sophie why are we going so fast.


Sophie: Shhhh (whispers We need to keep it down, my dad doesn’t know what I really do in my room.


Mark (whispers): What do you mean really do?


Sophie: My dad thinks I research stuff on becoming mayor (looks around). Here let me show you. (She goes into her closet and digs stuff out. She pulls out a top hat and puts it on. She then takes out a magic kit.)


Mark: Huh?


Sophie (Uses epic magician voice): I am Stupendous Sophie!


(Mark is scratching his head.)


Sophie (Sighs): I want to be a magician.


Mark: Wait what?


(Transition back to Moe and Samuel. Moe is doing his act in front of him and it goes smoothly. Samuel applauses.)


Samuel: Bravo bravo!


Moe (Is shocked for a moment but bows): Thank you, thank you.


Samuel: Good show! (Gets an idea) Say, I'm aware of this very prestigious circus:
Chuckle Brothers Circus.


Moe (perks up): Chuckle Brothers Circus?! I was a huge fan of them as a kid. I've always wanted to do tricks for them (Gets sad). But they rejected me.


Samuel (Smiles): Well then, I'll recommend you to them. Who knows, maybe they'll give you a second thought.


Moe (hugs him): OH THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Samuel: You're welcome. Now watch the suit, it probably costs more than your student loans.


(Transition to Denise and Harriet where Harriet is playing and enjoying herself.)


Harriet: Ha ha yes! I beat the high score.


Denise (looks at the score): I didn't even know you can get that high, nor that that's even a number.


Harriet: Yeah. I hope Sophie's not too mad.


Denise: She should be fine


(Transition back to Mark and Sophie.)


Mark: What?


Sophie: A magician. Their jobs look fun.


Mark: Why do you want to be a magician?


Sophie: Well, back at Parents Night, I saw you and your friends' parents, and it was amazing. It inspired me (Shows flashback to her being inspired at Parents night and Sophie asking her dad). Sadly, my dad wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of me being anything else but mayor because of tradition or something. I didn’t want to accept this. So I used my loads of allowence to secretly buy magic kits. It took some serious sneaking to sneak out of here (Shows her sneaking passed guard dogs). During the times when Dad thinks I’m researching mayor stuff, I’ve been practicing (End flashback). I just don’t want my dad to find out (slightly teary eyed).


(Mark just stares at her for a second, then puts a hand on her shoulder.)


Mark: I know how you feel. My dad always talks about tradition too. Except it’s the opposite. He thinks it’s my destiny to be a magician or something all because he did it. It’s like our dads want to live their lives through us so they force their jobs and aspirations on their kids without even taking into consideration what we want. So how about this, I can keep your desires to be a magician a secret well you continue to follow your dreams. How about that?


(Sophie stares at him for a minute. Mark is confused why he hasn’t answered.)


Mark: Uh, Sophie-


(Sophie then precedes to embrace him with tears in her eyes.)


Sophie: Oh thank you thank you thank you. I will continue to follow my dreams. Thank you for giving me some new inspiration.


Mark (A little shaken): Whoa you’re welcome now please let go.


Sophie (Blushes and let's go): Oh, sorry. Tehe.


(Transition to Walker’s at the door about to leave with the Rottle’s about to give them a goodbye.)


Samuel: I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at our humble abode.


Denise: We sure did.


Moe: Thanks for everything.


Mark: Have fun and (winks at Sophie) take care.


(Sophie winks too.)


(The Walker’s walk back to the car.)


Denise: Wow honey, I’ve never seen you this happy for this long without your uniform in view.


(Moe realizes he’s still in suit. It pans out to Moe yelling as they drive off.)




The End

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