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Three Cat Youtubers worth watching...



While there's a seemingly endless variety of feline oriented content on Youtube, there are three guys I keep going back to again and again.


The first is The Mean Kitty. His cats Loki and Sparta never cease to keep viewers amused with their endless antics. This one where he offers to sell one of his cats as an April Fools' prank serves as a great introduction for those new to the series. "Middle part!" :wub:



This next one is probably my favorite of the three. This is Steve Cash and he created The Talking Kitty series. Sylvester, an ill-tempered all black shorthair, lives with a younger cat named Gibson, a black lab dog named Shelby, and a couple of humans although Steve's fiance almost never appears on camera. The thing about Sylvester and Gibson is that their on camera personalities are almost identical to two of my cats! :blink: In Sylvester's world, all cats can talk but many have not mastered speech. Dogs on the other hand can only speak with the aid of a special collar (based on the movie Up). In this clip, Shelby girl is wearing hers.



And finally we have N2 the Preppy Kitty. Sadly N2 is no longer with us as he succumbed to cancer at age 14 last year. But his spirit lives on through these videos. Most cats hate or tolerate having clothes put on him. But N2 honestly enjoyed it and even seemed to show off for the camera as you can see here.



For the record, I've tried putting clothes on my cat and less than a minute later they've either pulled it off or walked out of it. :P

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