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Inspiration and Drive

Tech Reel


I've been having a lot of trouble with things lately. Namely the two things mentioned in the title, inspiration and drive. When it comes to YouTube, these can tend to appear and disappear at different times.


Some days I'll be super ready to run and make a video while other days I just can't bring myself to do so.


I believe my main problem is I have yet to find a specific genre or style of videos that I really love to make. Though that doesn't mean I don't like making videos normally. While it takes some time to work up the energy to make a video some days, I do end up having some fun when I eventually do. And I know I love to entertain people, I just don't have the motivation most of the time, because I never know what my next video will be. I have no specific ideas in mind that seem to appeal to me, I need to find the right type of video for me.


Until then, I'll just need to work through it. Hopefully I'll find it soon.


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