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im sorry

碇 シンジン



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sorry=( i havent been so active these days i feel like just going away iweekend is really hard forum works against me and its getting harder to be here and my rehab makes it even harder in the weekends really depressed and lonely sorry

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Awww don't worry about it darling :rarity: Time away from the forums might do you some good :) *Huggles*<3 When you come back, we will welcome you with open hooves :squee: If you need any of us, you can talk to anyone here because we're all here for you :)

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No need for that ooBrony, life always comes first so take care of yourself. How are you doing anyhow? Hope everything is alright with you. The last thing we want to see is you in distress so don't worry, you've done enough here to cover you for a life-time buddy.

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Had me scared for a second XD

Anyways, don't worry about not being active on the forums, it's normal, no one's expecting you to be on all the time ^-^

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Weight lifting can reduce the need for cigarettes, http://www.shape.com/latest-news-trends/study-says-weight-lifting-can-help-smokers-quit-and-lose-weight

It might help you get through rehab easier. 


Somehow Tetris is similar. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3197125/Tetris-reduces-craving-smoke.html


Also they say boredom is what gets people to relapse and stuff. So I would recommend keeping busy when you can.


Good luck.

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:( Just like me, I barely come to the forums on weekdays, and only in weekends *hugs* I'll be here for you and everyone will too. We all love you! <3
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