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Diamond Tiara's face turn



I didn't see all of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but after watching DT put her mother in her place, I couldn't help but smile. Now I wonder if we were hating on DT for the wrong reasons. Sure, she did insult Scootaloo because of her inability to fly (not to mention the numerous times she belittled the CMC and others, mocked them, insulted and hurt them, but only because Spoiled Rich made her believe it was the right thing to do. That being said, DT has earned her redemption, in the fandom's eyes and my own. As for Spoiled Rich, I hope Filthy Rich divorces her pompous ass, and when she dies, she burns in Tartarus.


Thank God for the power of redemption! *insert witty gif here*

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Hey, maybe her mom will get redeemed now. Plus I think people make a little too much of the time she belittled Scootaloo for not being able to fly... not because it wasn't horrible (it really was) but because she did it for a clear reason: to sabotage their flag carrying routine. It wasn't just for the evulz. Very very bad, but for a distinct purpose. Let me repeat: I realize it was a new low for her, but she had a purpose to it more than just hurting Scoots. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll need to go barricade my door...

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Well before, folks hated DT because she seemed to bully every other ponies for seemingly no reason.


Ofcourse now we have seen the reason (and i'm sure alot of folks already figured it out loooong ago), she was merely imitating her mother. Least now we have a seen the source with our own eyes, :)

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