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For The Race Fans: Vehicle Profile: Mazda 787B



A fierce competitor in the now extinct FIA Group C Racing Category, The Mazda 787 solidified Japan's place in France at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.




The 1991 Winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the only Japanese Car to ever win, the Mazda 787B


old-mazda-logo.jpgManufacturer Quick Facts:


Founded: ​1920​

Main Office: Fuchu, Hiroshima, Japan

Industry: Cars and Light Trucks, Rotary Engines

Notable Products: 787, Furai, 626, Protégé, Mazda3






Artists Depiction of the Mazda 787B during the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans


Model Quick Facts:


Engine: Mazda R26B Rotary Wankel Engine

Transmission: Porsche 5 Speed Transmission

Body: Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Construction

Chassis: Kevlar Reinforced Carbon Composites

Suspension: Double Wishbone

Wheelbase: 2460 mm (787 Variants) 2662 mm (787B)

Weight: 1832 lbs (830 kg)



Artists Depiction of the Mazda 787B


Overview and Development: Mazda built the 787 as a successor to the older 767 cars it raced improving the older model in almost every single way. The 767 used the older 13J Wankel Engine which produced almost 600 horsepower. The 787 was given the brand new R26B which produced 900 Horsepower but was limited to 700 due to wear and tear concerns. During the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, other competitors were somewhat faster than the 787 on the Sarthe Circuit but all other teams suffered mechanical difficulties much more frequently. The Wankel Engine in Mazda's 787 proved to be the most reliable suffering only minor issues, allowing the car to stay out in the field longer instead of in the garage. For 1991 race Mazda entered 2 racecars and a spare car. One standard 787 and two newer 787B's. Two of the cars were painted in the Traditional blue and white Mazda Race livery. The last car #55 was painted in flamboyant green and orange and featured branding from Renown, a Japanese clothing company that has sponsored Mazdaspeed since the early 80's. This would be the car that won, facing tough competition from Sauber Mercedes and Jaguar, Toyota and Nissan.


​Mazda 787B at Mine Circuit


The "Beehive" Idle sound of a Rotary Engine is one of the many things that make this car iconic

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