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On Roleplays And Lore (updated)



July 2016 update: All of this stuff is still valid. I will write a fanfic one of these days, and my companion site should be up before I return to college on August 22...assuming I don't keep breaking flash drives and having to redo all of my OC vectors.


The original post follows.




Writing fanfics is hard. Writing college papers is hard. Coding projects are hard. Exams are hard, and I'm still not done with them. Websites take time to build. Man, I wish days had more than 24 hours. After taking another unexpected "vacation" from this site, I've realized two things have fallen by the wayside in my absence: Port Impala and Equestria Forward.


First, a flashback: after my last "vacation", I made a blog post describing what my plans were for my properties on this site, specifically my (at the time one) roleplay Equestria Forward, which had been going on on an intermittent basis since last December. If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that both my signature and the "About Me" section of my user profile had "Equestria Forward" scratched out.


There's a reason for that: it's done. Cancelled. I hate to have to retire a roleplay with so much effort put into the setting behind it, but the writing has been on the wall for a long time now. I said it would have come back in November, but that's obviously not happening, and I also noted that it would come back on the to-be-launched roleplay website PonyRoleplay. I don't know if and when that's going to launch, but you won't find an Equestria Forward roleplay created by me there.


So what about the extensive lore behind the Equestria Forward world? Luckily, that's not going away. I also mentioned that I planned to build a companion website that would serve as a database for everything related to that world, as well as info on my original characters and fanfics. That's right, I have decided to bite the lead-filled bullet and try my hand at writing an elsewhere fic that takes place in the Equestria Forward universe. There's no longer a set deadline for either the fanfic or the companion site, but I want to try and get both of those done sometime in the next couple of months once things die down on the college end. Once that site launches, I'm giving carte blanche for anyone who wants to use the universe as a setting or backdrop for a roleplay or fanfic of their own. Just because the roleplay centered around Equestria Forward is cancelled doesn't mean the universe itself has to be.


Next order of business, Life in the Big City...State. Yeah, this is cancelled too. Again, I hate to have to retire a roleplay with so much effort put behind it, but the roleplay itself has fallen into inactivity. Port Impala, its history, its institutions, its government, its culture, and its climate will be absorbed into the Equestria Forward universe, and as such will also have a place on my new companion site. I don't have plans to write fanfics that take place there, at least not at the moment, but again, if you want to write something that takes place there, the door will be open to you once I finish the companion site.


By the way, the existing Port Impala map is outdated. I'm currently working on a new one during this so-called "Thanksgiving break"...whenever I'm not spending time with family or working on college papers. Look for the updated map on the companion site when it launches.


Well, that's all I have. This could be interpreted as a shift, in a way. To be honest, I was always worried about getting involved in the roleplay business again, fearful that college and real life would rear their ugly heads in ways that would inevitably keep me from keeping them moving on a regular basis. Sadly, that has come to pass.


So to those who participated in both roleplays throughout the past year, I apologize. You all were great roleplayers, and I'm glad that you all took the time to partake in these escapades. I wish you all well in whatever endeavors you wish to pursue, from fanfics to custom music to art to other roleplays.


P.S.: Regarding my OCs...all of their pictures and profiles on this site are DEPRECATED. From now on, only the descriptions on my to-be-launched companion site will be valid.


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