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Episode 2 - The Big Bang Theory




You know what really grinds my gears?

The Big Bang Theory

It used to be my all time favorite sitcom. Well, live-action anyway. But it's remarkable how fast it's crashed and burned. What they've done to Sheldon's character is horrible. I never wanted him to have a romantic relationship, and I definitely never wanted him to advance it and have sex and all that. What they're doing with him betrays everything about his character. The problem at it's core is that we're yet again being beaten over the heads with the overdone trope that no person could possibly be happy without romance, and if someone seems to be happy without romance, there obviously must be something wrong with them. Plenty of people are happy without it, and the direction they've gone with Sheldon just sends the message that this is impossible. And this opinion is coming from someone who's so lonely, and desperately wants to find true love so badly that he's considered suicide more than once in his life, so that oughtta tell you something.

Sheldon didn't need to be the same as everyone else. This sitcom didn't need to follow the same road as every other one. It was fresh because it wasn't a husband and wife sitcom, nor a relationship sitcom. Now it's both, and it's roots are so far gone that....um...I don't know....insert some clever analogy having to do with impossible-to-find roots.

And with some of their recent gags, like Princess Bride fencing, they've proven that the show isn't stale, and it isn't out of ideas. It could still be great for a good while, but the direction they've gone has left the show a rotting corpse of what it once was. Hence, I'm done. I will never watch another BBT, ever, period. I will cherish my memories of what it used to be, back in season 2.

Thanks for joining me in another episode of What Really Grinds My Gears!

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Glad to see somebody else who isn't too keen on Big Bang. I've never seen much of the show before Sheldon's relationship issues, but I never found anything about this show to be that funny. It doesn't help that my father would watch it daily, haha. I'm sure it was a great show prior to these changes, though.

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