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Twilight Sparkle is Not an OP Mary Sue - A Corpulent Analysis

Corpulent Brony


Do your friends talk crazy like this about your favorite purple pulchritudinous poindexter pony princess? Having trouble explaining why Twilight Sparkle is not an actual Mary Sue or OP? Well my friend, have you arrived at the perfect video opportunity for you! Ensconced within the confines of this digital video you will find the answers to these perplexing problems that plague you!


Featuring my new life size Twilight Sparkle plush by PlushWaifus.



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No, Twilight definitely wasn't an OP Mary Sue in season 5, and I'm really not sure how anyone could say that she was.  


Season 4, however, was a different story. I was downright aggravated by how flawless, infallible, and OP she was in that season. >_> 

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@Sporemane yep, she's pretty large.


@Cleverclover, I totally agree. But I'm glad the writers took a different tack with her this season. Can't wait to see what future seasons have in store for us!

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