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Reflection on the year

Untitled Goose Q


As it's getting near the end of the year, and things are not likely to change before it does, and because I feel like it, I have decided to reflect on the year past.


I've realized my interest in MLP is waning (though I still watch it all- I'm just not as bothered about it as I used to be), battled depression (though this is still ongoing) and realized something I once thought impossible.


I like having friends.


I never used to have many friends, one or two at most. I never cared much for making friends, or socializing in general.


But over the course of this past year, I have realized how much my friends mean to me, how much I like making them, and indeed, I have started to want to socialize.


I should note that by friends here, I am referring to my closest friends, that select group of people I would do anything for, not just the wider circle of friends (that I am still very thankful for!). I've made some of these friends here, and some via group chats on Skype (that I would never be in if I had not signed up as a member here!).


So I am thankful to this forum, and will never leave, as well as thankful to MLP itself, for without MLP I would not be here, and thus would never have found out that friendship is indeed magic.

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