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Late random thoughts on Star Wars The Force Awakens(Spoilers)



- Excellent use of returning cast
- Loved Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Kylo Ren(more on him soon). Great additions to the Star Wars Universe
- Fin in particular is my favorite new character
- Kylo Ren is very scary and intimidating
- Also not hot on Snoke
- Fuck you BB-8, why do you have to be so adorable?
- Out of all the armies(including the old stormtroopers, clones, etc) I love the First Order Stormtroopers the most, both intimidating yet funny
- But for the love of Christ please keep you mask on, you lose a lot of that intimidation when you take it off. You look like a Linkin Park reject without it
- Captain Phasma got way too much hype, hope she actually does something in the 8th movie to justify it
- TR-8R is the best Stormtrooper ever
- C-3P0 must be a fan of Venom Snake
- HAN SOLO! NOOOO!!!! gonkity.png
- Chewy stole the show. Gets the funniest, most emotional, and most badass moments in the movie. Furry bastard deserves a hug
- Kylo Ren, as awesome as a villain as he is, also comes off as very emo at times, especially towards the end
- Also dat Vader admiration
- While I loved the movie, I agree with the people say that it tried too much to be like A New Hope a lot of the time


But over all I still think it's a fantastic movie, one of the best in the series, though I still prefer Empire Strikes Back and (Unpopular Opinion)Revenge of the Sith

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