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Chikorita Reacts to his Old Posts 2: Status Updates

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It's been a while since I've done a blog so uuuuh, what is there to do?

I know, let's react to some more old posts of mine! That should be fun! :lol:

Why am I doing this again? Well, it's an easy way to archive many of my old stuff. I've been a member on this forum since 2012 so I'm one of the most long lasting members here who haven't left or gotten banned. I've seen this very forum go through different generations of people. The community goes through a lot of trends. I remember how during 2014, the common thing with members was supporting your best ponies to some quite interesting results that I won't pull up since I don't like calling people out.

I'm not gonna pull up every status I made. Some of the stuff I've done and said in the past is left best in the past. I'm only gonna pull up my best ones kind of like a, 'Best of' anthology. So, let's get started!


4/29/2013: I get to present my powerpoint project on bronies tomorrow woot!

This was the earliest interesting post I found which is surprisingly on the last page of my status update list. I've been on the forum for a year at that point. Did I really not make many statuses before them or was there a change causing me to not be able to see them anymore? Eh, I digress. Yes, I made a school presentation about bronies, Freshmen year was when I was very passionate about being a brony. I would sport pony shirts to school every day, wear Rainbow Dash headphones, and have brony wristbands. Surprisingly, I don't remember many people making fun of me. -_- I made this for my computer apps class. I don't even remember what the theme of these projects were. That second half of freshman year is kind of a blur to me.


7/3/2013: Since 4th of July is coming up, me and my sister were thinking of a pony version of Independence day. And all we got was a pony version of the United States. It's called Amareica!

That joke is still funny to this day. B)


8/6/2013: Just changed my display name because I feel it fits me better. Plus Chikorita is my favorite Pokemon.

Like I've mentioned before, my original display name was Brony4398. That name does not stick out and is kind of unoriginal. It's literally the word Brony followed by my birthday. During this time, I was trying to branch out and build an identity for myself on the forums. I was pondering names and wanted something pony related. I thought 'ChikoritaCheezits' because that's my name on other sites but again, not pony themed. I then decided to replace the Cheezits part with 'Brony' and the rest is history.


9/18/2013: Everyone talking about the ios 7 well I sit here with my 4th generation ipod touch

And now here I am with my iPhone 5c. It constantly tells me I'm low on storage even though I delete as many pointless photos and apps as I can. It then will lag on me and make me click stuff I didn't mean to. Apple is great isn't it?


9/30/2013: You know all this talk about special some ponies makes me want to find one

NO! DON'T DO IT! IT'S A TRAP! Jk. :lol: I just don't value getting into a relationship as a top priority anymore. I'd rather build on friendships I have now then try to go farther with it. If the right girl comes along then maybe, but right now nah.


10/5/2013: I still think soarindashis one ofthe closest ships to being cannon in the show

Fun Fact: This was posted before Rainbow Falls aired. And at this point, CheesePie is more likely to become cannon than that ship.


1/12/2014: I read the voice list for Rainbow Falls. Looks like Soarin will be in the episode. PRepare for a bunch of Soarin dash shipping next week

More like prepare for that episode to get bashed as much as Mare Do Well.


1/17/2014: I'll just say one thing with Simple Ways. The shippers are gonna have a field day with that episode

Spoilers: They didn't. They mostly talked about how annoying Trenderhoof was. I was kind of predicting a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing with the fandom but it turned that AJ and Rarity are better together :wub:



And that was my reaction before best episode even aired. I expressed my fanboying over the episode in a blog.


3/2/2014: There is a pony that is best and Pinkie is her name-o, P-i-n-k-i-e and Pinkie is her name-o

Warning: A lot of my statuses in 2014 are like this. Remember when I said it was a thing to fanboy over your best pony? Well these are just the many examples of that.


3/18/2014: Remember how everyone freaked out when Gilda made Fluttershy cry? Now imagine how I would react if someone made Pinkie Pie cry.

Seriously go through my status updates in 2014 and take a drink for every status I made that involved Pinkie in some way! :lol:


3/27/2014: Pop quiz: How big of a Pinkie fan do you think I am?

The comments are the funniest!




Eyup, I had that big of a reputation! :blink:


3/27/2014: Sorry if I'm annoying anypony with a Pinkie obsession

What's more annoying in this is that I said everypony.


I could go through more but I don't wanna be here all night. Just know that a lot of my post that year were like this.


Now this Pinkie fanboy is out!


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