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It's been almost 6 months.

Catpone Cerberus


Actually 5 months and 20 days but close enough
.....or 173 days, or 4152 hours or 14 947 200 seconds...... :lol:




But in all seriousness, it's been some time since I joined these forums,It's not maybe that long time to somebody but anyway.


I felt like I should make some kind of blog thingy so here it is. I will just talk about some random thing(s) I feel like mentioning.


First things first, How I became fan of MLP and how I found these forums?
I know that reads in my profile and I have told it few times but those are just short versions.


It was sometime before Aug 30. 2015 (day I joined forums) I think it was about two weeks before that.


I had heard about Bronies before but I didn't know that the "Brony" was the word to call them (or should I say us) and one day them I stumbled upon video about bronies i had seen before but didn't remember anything about it.


After watching that video I looked up more and more videos about the subject and got curious "What is so good about the show that people proudly watch it without caring about the hate?" so next day I looked it up.


I pretty much "hate watched" first season forcing myself keep going and skipped parts of episodes that was "Too much". (still haven't seen some episodes whole :blush:)


I slowly liked it more and more as episodes went on but The Return of Harmony was first episode I watched whole and is also episode that made me like the show.


I watched all episodes that were out in marathon like rate and immediately after that I started watching and listening fan-made content.


Then about two weeks from that I started wondering if there was forum like site and started googling with different keywords from google.


First I found Finnish forums (since I'm Finn and....you know how google works) but decided not to join since I came to conclusion that I wouldn't enjoy being part of it.


Then few google searches later, I found these forums, lurked few days and decided to join.


Oh... and I don't have any Idea why I like the show.


Have watching the show had an influence on your life or to you as person?


Watching the show itself besides one more secret to keep haven't but being part of these forums yes.


Being part of forums haven't maybe changed my life (besides new hobby/habit) but as person yes.


When I joined the forums I was pretty much person who:

  • Hated ponies and other "girly" things
  • I was generous but also greedy (My October's requests in request shops pretty much sums that up)
  • I hated people, and I mean I really hated everyone else but my parents.
  • I always went with majority even that if I was in side of minority.
  • Oh...and I hated lot of thing for sake of hating something.


But in this short time I have changed as person little bit.
Besides weird love towards quotes I have:

  • Have an open mind about everything (yes, show itself might have impact in this also)
  • Lost my greediness(of course I still enjoy if I get something free :D but I know the limit)
  • I give people a change before hating them.
  • I defend my opinions
  • And I don't hate anything I don't have reason to hate.


How I know forums did these changes?
Maybe it didn't, but it surely was part of it. :muffins:


And I am sure that I will also enjoy my future time here.


I also have met awesome internet friends here in forums and I'm really thankful about that.......So thanks all you awesome internet people who I am happy to "know". :lol:




Also Thank you if you actually bothered to read all that. :catface:


And it seems that whatever I write it turns out someway deep even that I don't try. >_>




-The Cerberus

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