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Happy 20 Years Pokemon

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Decided to make this blog to show tribute to my all time favorite video game series, Pokemon.


20 years this franchisee has ran showing no signs of stopping. I know I have fond memories of this game. I remember the first Pokemon game I owned: Pokemon Leafgreen. My sister got Firered on the same day I got mine and we both played. I remember on that play through over leveling my starter and anything else I caught was just an HM slave. Yeah, I was a stupid kid. However, I've gotten better at the games. I haven't been active a lot today because Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were re-released on the 3DS virtual console and I've been spending most of the day playing those. I'm already 2 badges in. These things get addicting.


Now I shall talk about the anime. It's been running for nearly as long as the games. I wouldn't exactly call it the master piece of writing. The characters don't exactly have a whole lot of personality, the jokes are cheesy, and the episodes get repetitive. However, I have a little bit of a bias towards it for nostalgic reasons. Plus, some of the jokes are hilariously bad. I don't know how the anime is doing now because I don't keep up with it.


And well I'm at it I might as well talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon since they were just announced. Little is known about it from the Direct. There were just snips of their development shown. I will say I like the titles for some reason. It's kind of weird that they're already jumping into a new generation without a 3rd version though. But whatever.


Happy 20 years Pokemon.

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I stopped following playing Pokemon back in 03-05, so I know only of 1st generation of Pokemon, but thats it. The point is I appreciate what a huge part it had on my childhood  non of the less.

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