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Bill Goldberg was overrated (Unpopular Opinion Blog)

Mesme Rize




I know that i will probably open a big can of worms here, because i know for a fact that Goldberg was a childhood hero for alot of people. But for what is worth, i will say this. I have no problem with people liking this guy. This is just simply my opinion. And i also say that Bill is a very nice guy personally and is incredibly smart.


Goldberg will always be remembered for being the guy, who had a over 170 winning long streak in WCW, until he got beat in a very anticlimactic way on Starcade 98 to Kevin Nash. He was the posterboy for WCW for most of 98 and he filled 40000 people in the georgia dome, the biggest Nitro ever, where he won the World title from Hulk Hogan. But if we put away the hype and the publicity and the character of him, i always thought that the guys abilities, where incredibly limited.


Goldberg had the body of a wrestler, but he never got the abilities of a wrestler. And i will say the same thing that Kevin Sullivan said, when Goldberg arrived the first time in 97. If he is out there longer then 5 or 10 minutes, he will be exposed for what he dosen't know. He showed the spear, the Jackhammer and nobody thought about him till next week, until he came again and did the same thing.


It probably worked for 30 or 40 matches in the streak, but once it came to that point, the people will speak up and say "you know, even superman has somekind of kryptonite, because if he dosen't, some day the people won't be behind him any longer, because they know what will happen." The problem with Goldberg in that regard was, that his gimmick was the streak and if he lost that streak, where do you take him from there? Look at his run in 99 and 2000. They absolutely had no idea. Goldberg was always 1 dimensional as a Wrestler and as a character. He is not better then Roman Reigns is today, because Roman is just as one dimensional as Goldberg.


I know that people probably won't agree with me, but that's just my opinion.

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I think this video is relevant, I'm sorry that the logos in the way



I hated that entire run. I just thought of it as something, to make people tune in to raw and to be honest, i feel totally cold when people say that Hunter buried Goldberg at Summerslam, because i really couldn't care less.

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I think this video is relevant, I'm sorry that the logos in the way



The match should've really been called "The Audience & 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar -- OVER-9,000!!!-On-2 Handicap Match."

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I respect your opinion, my friend.


Goldberg is probably my favourite wrestler though.


But like I said, I respect your opinion.


That's okay.


And i respect yours, because i know what Goldberg means to alot of people and probably to you. ;)

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