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Entry 28 (special day)

Ember Crescent


A very special surprise to my love Shimmer Sparkle


Today is very a special day for me and a very special somepony and we have been together for 4 months as of today and I have been so happy to have him in my life.




To: Shimmer Sparkle mlp-swlove.pngmlp-swlove.png




Love between both of us is very very strong




From: Frost Diamond

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Happy anniversary and congratulations to you and Shimmer, Frost Diamond! I hope you two are very happy together and that you two have a great anniversary together today! :D

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Thank you, my love, for the magnificent gift. I love you with all my heart. I always will. <3<3<3


Your welcome my love and I love you with all my heart too. and I always will. <3<3<3

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You two are friggin' adorable together. <3 Congratulations so much, puts a smile on my face seeing this. ^___^

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