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Ok so I really was hoping that the villan of the episode(s) was the Changelings rater than random snow, I mean, Chrysalis can easily absorb the love that Flurry Heart got, plus Chrysalis didn't die, she just got blasted of a mountain. Well, now that both snow and sombra disappeared, maybe next time on a Crystal Empire episode...also, Starlight and Sunburst didn't kissed. rip. Also, Starlight for Mane 7.

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I was not hoping for that honestly. I keep up with the comics for the most part so Queen Chrysalis is kind of becoming more of a nuisance than a villain just like team rocket from Pokemon or Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown. If they do bring her back in the show it should not be a premiere or finale in my opinion just do away with her already epicly of course XD


And yea they didn't but I do ship them. And they are definitely mane 7 now.

Also if you look closely when Spike is grabbing starlight's face it looks like they kiss a few times lol

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