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My aunt's funeral and recent inactivity.



Hi everybody. I know I haven't been here much lately. In fact, this is my first visit to the forum in about two weeks. But life has been pretty hectic lately. Really it all started about a month ago when I learned that my aunt had suffered a stroke and was having a very difficult time. Then I was informed she wasn't expected to make it and was getting in-home hospice care. A few days later I was told the sad news. :( I think her son put it best when he said "God couldn't let us keep her forever." Indeed. She was 93 and lived every one of those years to the fullest.


As with her husband a few years ago, she opted to be remembered in a simple graveside service at the veteran's cemetery. The turnout was phenomenal with relatives including great grandchildren, friends from all over town, and members from the spinning club she belonged to. And despite the sad circumstances, it was nice to see many familiar faces once again. I'm also happy to know that the farm will be staying in the family as a grandson and granddaughter in law have taken over.


Since then, it's just been a bunch of little things. First I got sick, then my roommate got sick. And there was stuff going on with SEPTA, an issue regarding the water bill, and a few dead malls I've been keeping tabs on. In short, real life has been keeping me busy. :P


But rest assured I didn't miss the Season 6 opener nor the latest episode on Saturday. I have a few thoughts on them I'd like to express in the appropriate show discussion threads. But for now I'd just like to say that after years of Twilight's parents being virtually silent, I'm surprised they finally gave mom so much to say. :adorkable:


Anywho, to anybody who's been wondering how I am or what I'm up to, I'm still here. :)

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I can relate. I have been to 3 wakes in the past year, I even recently had a funeral for one of my aunts. I barely knew her, but she had a heart attack on the highway.

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Sorry for your loss. :(

Losing loved ones is never fun, even ones who have lived and loved so full and so long. 


Take care. 

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