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Samoa Joe is the new, NXT Champion

Mesme Rize




It is true ladies and gentleman. Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor, for the NXT Title...at a house Show in Mass. A World title, didn't changed hands at a house show, since Diesel won it against Bob Backlund in 1994 and that was in Madison Square Garden.


But Apparently, Balor suffered a knee injury and the ref made a cross sign during the match, saying that Balor has injured himself, so Joe had to end the match and take the belt from Balor.


As tragic as this is for Balor and as mad as i am, that this wasn't showed on the Network, i am still glad for Joe, that he won a big title one more time. We don't know, what will happen at the next NXT show, but for now, cherish this moment, for Joe is the man at NXT now.


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From what I'm hearing he rolled his Ankle. From what i'm also hearing, this may be a work. Balor was heard saying to crowds at his tour bus "See you Monday." 


Of course Balor is a notorious tease. 


Anyways, I don't really consider the NXT belt a world title. It's the Equivalent to the wwECW belt. A step between the world & IC/US belts. A top promotional prize, but not a world championship. I'd say it's more equivocal to the IWGP IC title in relation to their heavyweight belt. 

But yes, it is surprising that a belt of that caliber switched hands at a live show, regardless of the circumstances. 

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