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Bit's and Piece



So this entry will be very long because It showcases every single little bit I've written. It's not a large amount, but still a considerable amount. What I need help on is a beginning. I'm not sure how to write Teresa. I'll give some more details on what I'd like in my beginning and what I want help on in the next entry. Anyway, now for the book pieces.


Bits and Pieces:


Teresa’s introduction


Teresa Loch sat at her desk, poking around at the inside of an old radio. After a few moments, she sighed and moved the radio aside. She picked up a pencil and a notebook. She said, “Ok, let’s see here.” She wrote while she said, “Radio Reconstruction Day 3: I still have no idea how the hell this thing goes together. May or may not have lost multiple screws. Will report next time.” She set the notebook aside, and stood up from her desk.


Teresa is saved by the five other main characters


A small canister landed on the ground in front of her and the people. With a click it went off, filling the air with a foggy gas. Teresa spun around wildly, coughing, searching for anything identifiable. Something black flashed in the corner of her eye, and she saw someone standing a few feet away wearing a gas mask.
Then, the person said, “Come with me if you want to live.”
Teresa just kept coughing and stared at him. He sighed and said, “Just come on. Here, hold my hand.”
Teresa backed away, right into another coughing person. She jumped away, but the person wasn’t paying any attention. Teresa turned back around, but the gas mask person was gone.
Suddenly, another voice spoke from behind her. “Sorry about this, we didn’t want to have to hit you.”
Teresa turned, saying, “Hit me? Wh-” Then everything went dark.


Teresa learns some stuff


Teresa woke to feel her head throbbing painfully. She stared at the ceiling for a second, then started to panic. Where was she? This wasn’t her room. What happened? Then her memory returned, and she stopped panicking. Then she started again, because she remembered that she’d been knocked out. She sat up, and realized she was on a couch. She looked around, taking in the room. She was on one of two couches, the second one facing a large flat screen TV. Below the TV was a cabinet. A doorway led to a living room, and another one led to a kitchen. In the few seconds it took for her to take all of that in, a girl walked into the room. She looked around her own height, maybe a little taller, with longish, reddish brown hair and pretty hazel eyes. The girl saw Teresa and then said, “Oh good, you’re awake.” She then called loudly over her shoulder, “HEY, THE NEW ONE’S AWAKE!” Teresa covered her ears.
From the kitchen behind her she heard a someone say, “Good! Tell her about what’s going on. I bet she’s pretty confused.”
“OK!” The girl responded. She then sat down next to Teresa.
“So, I bet you’re pretty confused and probably scared right now.” She said. Teresa just stared for a second and nodded. The girl continued, saying, “My name’s Alexis, though everyone calls me Alex. Probably could have just said to call me Alex. Anyway, what’s your name?”
Teresa stared for another few seconds, then stammered out, “Te-Teresa…” She then realized she had been staring for way too long and looked away, blushing slightly.
Alex said, “Well Teresa, I bet you have questions, so if you’d like to ask them, you can. Before you ask though, I need to tell you that all of us also came through the mirror, so that’s why we kidnapped you. Anyway, ask away!”
Teresa looked back at her, sat a little straighter, and started asking, “What is this place? Why is everyone happy all the time? How did I get here? What does that weird mirror have to do with this? Why did you come here? Why aren’t there more of you? Wha-”
“Whoa there Nelly, slow down,” Alex said. “I’ll answer your first few. According to Felix, another one of us, this is supposedly an alternate world, what he says is the other side of a mirror. It’s supposed to be a better world where everyone is always happy, but as you saw, it’s not a very good world. The mirror, he says, is the connection between the two, and acts as a sort of portal. That’s all I really understand. You’d have to ask him to hear his whole theory.”


Movie Night


Felix came in, holding a large box and saying, “I got a good deal for these. A whole bunch of classic movies for only ten dollars!” He set the box down and opened it up.
Alex got down too, and picked up a movie. She stared at it for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. Teresa asked, “What?” and Alex held the movie up for Teresa to see. It said Stair Wars: The Elevator Strikes Back. Teresa started laughing too, as well as Nick and the twins.
Alex then asked Felix, “Why exactly did you buy something at a bargain when we’re rich? I mean, look at these. Cretaceous Park? Mission Improbable? Would it have been that hard to buy these normally?”
Felix defensively replied, “Come on, cut me some slack, I procrastinated getting movies until yesterday. I had to act fast.”
Jade, who had been looking at a movie called “Finding Emo”, looked up and said, “Where did you even get these?”
Felix said, “Some guy named Duke sold them to me. He didn’t seem very shady and he had a family esque minivan. I assumed he just wanted to make some money by selling some movies.”
“How come you didn’t even look at these? This one’s called Ternimator To: Jugment Daay. It’s not that hard to miss.” Said Alex.
“I did look but it was dark and it looked fine!” Felix said indignantly.


Humour bits my parents will probably disapprove of


1. Alexis grabbed two paintball guns, jumped up on to the divider, shouted, “Take this, goat f***ers!” and started shooting everyone below.


2. Alex crouched down, then gestured frantically at Teresa to do the same. Teresa crouched, and Alex started talking into her headset.
“Ok, there’s like, five guys. Wait, now there’s ten, no fifteen, wait-Oh f*** me!”
Felix responded, “Maybe later, right now you need out of there.”


Humour bits my parent’s would probably be fine with

1. Felix said, “I’m not good at advice. I can only give you chess tips and sarcasm.”


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