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(Disclaimer: Mostly opinions)


I don't actually hate Bandwagon fans, 


A lot of fans actually start out as BW fans,  I mean, would most of us have even started watching MLP:Fim if it didn't get the traction that it did? I understand there are some exceptions but the sheer majority of us came here because we heard about how good it was and got hooked ever since.


The same goes for sports, except maybe not to the same extent, but there's a lot of true fans out there that started off as BWs  who saw how great the team played. 

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Yea bandwagoners are only bad when they pretend that they are fans, act like they have been in it for awhile, or start giving huge extent opinions like this is the best team ever or best show, etc.


For example, people who say Tupac and Biggie are the best rappers ever, but they don't really know anything about rap or know about other rappers like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Nas, Big Pun, etc. and are just saying that because everyone else does. But if they start listening to Tupac alot and rapping the songs because everyone is listening to him then she/he wants to see what all the hype is about and enjoys it.


Same goes for sports. Someone likes basketball or any other sport, they want to go to follow someone so they start with the one who is the most popular because it's usually the one that is the best at the moment. If you start watching another team and they're awesome their is nothing wrong with that. I use to like Spongebob, but now it sucks, in my opinion, so I don't watch it. This guy is kind of an asshole too.

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