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Postponing Entropy and other items of importance ...



No I'm not going to talk about the meaning behind my member title. I just needed a filler title and jumped at an old one act play title that was published long ago for high school use. Felt appropriate since I was being lazy. I haven't slept much since Friday so this may seem a bit off. I wasn't going to post anything publicly, but after receiving a PM with a question about my role ... I figured a blog may not be a bad idea.


I'm just posting this here instead of some big grand topic to quell any rumors and what have you. Back in Jan I started the process of wrapping up my time as an Admin. The short story of it is this - I had been laid off due to outsourcing and I found myself turning down several opportunities in my profession. My heart just wasn't in Project Management any longer. To be fair it was never my dream, it was my father's dream that I followed him in business and tech. Seeing this as an opportunity to reclaim my own dreams, I started a long and grueling process of prepping for a Med School run. Shadowing, volunteering, post-baccalaureate program, and MCAT prep. I was in amazing position and only a month from fully stepping down (it was supposed to be June). Everything was coming up Jeric.


Unfortunately a family illness that had always threatened to become a major obstacle to our lives hit and hit hard. A few days later and my mind is still reeling. My future plans are now put on hold while I focus on more important issues ... like spending as much time with my wife and kids as possible. That necessitated an immediate change in direction, both here on staff and elsewhere. As I was leaving anyway, I simply decided to accelerate it. All staff was aware so it was no shock to them.


I just wanted to say it that has been a pleasure working for the community, and getting to know the members of the staff closely. I do not leave with a trace of animosity and anger toward anyone or anything here, nor did the day in and day out of the job ever get to me. I suppose that having a huge helping of 30+ years of real world problems and normal life happenings helps to put certain things in perspective. IRL stuff is great a great inoculation for horse drama. :P


I have no intention of bolting this place since I have grown extremely fond of many of the those who inhabit the various nooks and crannies of MLPF. You will see me around more when things settle down a bit.


Until then ... something something Rarity.



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You were a great and nice admin Jeric. I'm sorry your family has to deal with this. Sometimes, life has obstacles that you just have to go through. It's unfortunate when it happens but at points, you have to take risks.


Good luck on your journey. 

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(I said it to you before personally, but i say it again here)


The fact that you wanted go to Med School is great, because i always admired Doctors. I think they are some of the greatest People on this planet. :)

I hope that you can help your wife as good as you can with her illness. She deserves someone like you.


i always admired you, because you have done so much for this Forum and i think you can never be replaced. But i can understand why you do this. Private things always come first and i hope that, whatever you do in your life and which People you meet, that you're going to be happy with it.

I wish you all the best Jeric. *Lamiahugs* <3

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All the best, Jeric, you've really worked hard for the benefit of each and every member here. I hope that things will improve for you and your family.

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I know we weren't in best terms, especially after my permaban from CTAM. But seeing why you take an off-time is always sad to see. I hope you enjoy your time with your family and all, because at the end, what you have is important, not what you have on a screen. Good luck and enjoy it as much as possible.

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You're the only admin I've ever earnestly recognized as an admin; i.e. respected.  You alone were enough to balance the not-always-pleasant impressions I've had towards staff.  I've gotten the feeling on a number of occasions that, were it not for you, I probably would have been banned several times over.  So...  "Thank you," is what I'm saying.


But that's just forum nonsense; hardly matters when weighed against the really important things.  I wish you well where it matters most: In your family life and in your professional life.

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