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My Little Coaster reviews: El Toro

Captain Whirlwind


This is something I'm gonna do on another blog I made, But for now, lets review!


So last month marked 4 years since I last rode my favorite roller coaster. And if don't know by now it's El Toro at Six Flags great Adventure.


Ride Summary
I remember the experience of this coaster like it was yesterday. This is an outstanding roller coaster alone. Hands down the Best wooden roller coaster ever.
When I rode it, I was 14. And my expectations where not high because I knew I was in for a special treat
On my first ride, I was simply blown away! The sheer speed, the INSANE airtime, or the mind bending banked turns made me think of three words "one more time".
So I got chances to ride it again. Two times in the front, and once in the back.
But my only question is why Intamin AG has only manufactured 4 examples of the prefabricated wooden coaster?
Six Flags may have an answer to build more coasters like these (RMC hybrid)
but for an authentic wooden coaster, this remains the king of them all!


Other review stats

  • Ride Experience: 10/10
  • landscaping: 6/10
  • Station 7/10

  • Times ridden: 5
  • Best seat: 1,1 (front seat)
  • Best part of ride: All

  • Discomfort: Low
  • Airtime: Extreme
  • Positive G's: high
  • Intensity: High

  • Brohoof 2

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