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Some more stuff



I wrote some more. Not much else to say. Writing is really, really hard.


“Whoa there Nelly, slow down,” Alex said. “I’ll answer your first few. According to Felix, this is supposedly an alternate world, what he says is the other side of a mirror. It’s supposed to be a better world where everyone is always happy, but as you saw, it’s not a very good world. The mirror, he says, is the connection between the two, and acts as a sort of portal. That’s all I really understand. You’d have to ask him to hear his whole theory.”
Teresa was still trying to process all that information so she went with an easy question: “Who’s Felix?”
Alexis said, “He’s our techy guy person. You know what, I think it’d be better if we started with introductions. So yeah, I’m Alex. I came here about seven months ago. I’m from Florida, near the Miami area. Over in the kitchen is Nick, He’s our sort of leader person. I’ll let him introduce himself.”
Alex walked to the kitchen and Teresa followed slowly and cautiously. Before they got to the kitchen though, Nick came through the doorway. He was tall, probably around 5 foot 10, and black, with dark brown hair and eyes. He was about the average weight, but he was built strongly; definitely what you’d expect the leader to look like.
His voice, however, was definitely more like a combination of a comedic relief character and Samuel L Jackson.. “Hi there Teresa. I’m Nick, obviously.” He smiled at her, and she stared.
After five seconds, she realized she was staring and quickly said, “How did you know my name?”
“Well, Alex here isn’t exactly quiet.” Nick and Alex both laughed, and Teresa smiled a little.
Nick stopped laughing and continued his introduction. “Well, there’s not much you really need to know about me. I’m pretty good at martial arts and I’m an excellent cook. I’m 17, from South Carolina. I came through the mirror when my family was on vacation. Fell right into when I tripped down the stairs at our hotel. Hurt a lot.”


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