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Tech Reel


There are people I've lost, some for good and others only for now. Ones I've loved and still do love. Brilliant people I still can't stop thinking about to this day. After a while people just don't feel the same, at least temporarily. For some time everyone just feels like an extra in a movie or television show. Just there to fill the space, no real impact, no relevance to the plot. And it hurts, because no matter how many people I talk to in a day it just doesn't feel like anything has changed. Until I speak to that one person, the one who makes you feel again. That person changes all the time for me. It depends on the day and the mood. Until I find that person on such a day I'm stuck in this mood. This feeling of lonliness in a crowd.


And this is why shouldn't type at night, or when I'm in a bad mood..or at all.......God I need a hug.....................


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