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My Last Internet History Post

Reason for Cancellation



Since im bored...i mean its nothing new, lets get this over with.


Im at this Point, where i barely even remember what i was going to post in the next Entry and since my Internet Life has nothing really interesting going on, like my Real Life, only that my real life is even more boring and unnecessary, im just gonna post everything i remember really shortly, so that my Blog dies out, just like my Forum Topics.


I will not disappear completely, im sorry to disappoint you all, but you have to bear with me a little longer.


So...where the heck was i?


Oh yeah, my miserable online life...with quotation marks, there was supposed to be " life ", yeah, thats better.
Uh...so, my Forum died out and all my Friends hated each other and i was way to socially awkward to try to solve anything, so i just leave.
After a while, i saw that almost every Forum of my Friends died out and since you get banned in most of them for inactivity, i could never post something in them again.


I still saved a few Friends in Skype after the Disaster, but rarely ever talked to them since our Situation wasnt that great.
Our Chat got a Virus and that was the last thing that happened for a long time.


I was still not banned in Forumla, so i went to there again, only to post one or two things and forgot about it.
I also created an Account on multiple little Forums, like Dragon Forums for example, in the hopes that i would get the same experience that i once had with my friends.


I actually met one Person on a Dragon Forum, who i still have as a Friend on Facebook and she linked me to a Reptile Fantasy Comic.
I looked at this Persons NSFW art and fell in love with Reptiles and Dragons.
Thanks for destroying my Innocence. XD
Nah, there Dragons, that was definitely worth it !
Who would even care, if i would do naughty things...my friends? HAHAHAHA! XD
What Friends?
Who are they?
Oh, you mean the ones in my list?
Well...i dont even talk to 1/4 of them, so...nice to have them but not really relationships, they are more like Facebook Friends, you like to have many...but mostly dont know any of them really.


Its so warm...i hate summer -.- GO AWAY !
Where was i?


Oh yes, shortly before i got into Furrys, i also accidentally looked at the first naked woman in my life, by going to a Freddy vs Jason webside, go to one of the " Top 10 " lists that were there once and i got to a witch torture Forum, because the Banner had boobs.
Im a male, okay?
Im sorry...but i couldnt resist.
The first Image i saw of a naked women, was a naked women tied up to a roof...yeah...not a really a good first Image to look at...but despite the fact that the context of the Image was highly disturbing, i was actually really really positive surprised, how great and beautiful females actually look.


I dont want to be insulting, but the first Impression that natural women gave me, was the same feeling i got, when i first saw the Aliens, from the Movie franchise Alien.
I was simply shocked how great they look, there were fascinating.
I was speechless for months.


So...know that i weirded everyone out and completely destroyed my Image on here...i guess its time to kill this Blog off, for good.


So, bla bla bla, went to naughty Sides, also went to mutliple Forums that i ended up, doing nothing one, at one point found one of my friends Sides back, got in contact again, one of my old friends cried about, how someone else betrayed him and insulted one of my friends and made me feel in general, really freaking uncomfortable.


I choose to stay with the Friend, that didnt insulted my other Friend and simply dont talk to the other one anymore.


My sister got me once into an online Game, that i played for a few months.


I stated my Opinion in a Silent Hill Forum and got laughed at.


I stated my Opinion in a German Mlp Forum and got laughed at.


I got hated on Youtube for pretty much everything i did, including a shitty comedy show with my plushys and terrible songs and animations.
I lost my Youtube Account and various other Accounts, by deleting the auto saved function on my Laptop and forgot my password.
Also my Laptop got a Virus and broke, because i downloaded to much porn.


After trying to get my Email back for months, it was deleted. Thanks hotmail. -.-


What else? Uh, up to this Point...joined Tumblr 4 times, made a nsfw account, deleted it 4 times, being a jerk to my followers, got hated on on Derpibooru, created a second account on the German Mlp Forum and called everyone Pathethic, also i was twelve.


Uh...despite being a pervert and an A******, i finally stopped most activity, got Friends with someone and got a Mod of a Chat which then died, because of Problems i had. ( i didnt wanted to watch the Episode Streams with him, because i wanted to watch everything in order...im an Idiot, in case you didnt noticed. )


Than i did...oh man, that is quiet exhausting...
Who even reads all of this???
I never posted something again on most Mlp Sides, asked for a permanent ban in one Mlp Forum, because i felt useless, edited countless of my Posts to insults to People and edited my Topics to Spam Topics on the german Forum, still didnt got banned.


Can i stop? Please....please........PLEASE!!! Please and my suffering !!
I dont want to...please...


Than i did...uh...i found this side, joined and was here.
Rising Shine and Obrony where my first two Friends i think.


Im almost done, i cant believe it^^
Almost done...


I first started to draw Request for People, but then i stopped because i got depressed, that almost no one looks at them,than i insulted myself in Status Updates after a few years of boredom and now im here.


Im also the Admin of one of my Friends Sides.
I also joined the Superman Forums because i got into Dc. Just because.


I also created an Brony Troll Account on Youtube once, like RAINBOWDASH MLP ones.
But someone claimed, that he would hack me and i got insulted pretty often ( i deserved that, i know ), so i deleted everything again,after i realized what a d*** i was.


Now, i only upload rare Music.


And the very last things i did was, join Brony Square and do nothing, join mutliple Brony and Comic Book Sides and do nothing, became the Admin of a few Mlp Pages on Facebook and did nothing, created a SoundCloud Account and did nothing, joined mulltiple Mlp Skype Groups and did nothing and...thats it.


Oh my god, thats it.
Than i was writing this.


And everyone can see how useless i ever was and ever will be!


And the conclusion to everything :




Thats it. Good Night.



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Also, we really didnt needed to hear, that youre into NSFW Art...

Also nice, how you didnt mentioned everything you did, but if you can live with yourself, fine.

Its not my Problem.

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