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Hello everypony, today, starting a new blog, I will be telling you about my time at SSRLV. (Schope Scout Reservation at Lost Valley) There were various things to do, such as:


Horseback riding (the Horsemanship Merit Badge),








And much more.


For the most part, it was great. I had fun, earned three Merit Badges, and had an all around good time. But, even at camp, my family is still horrible. My brother and dad were still ridiculously mean to me, and when I messed up one tiny thing, my dad called my mom and blew it way out of proportion. So instead of a 'Welcome home' from my mom, I got yelled at for things that didn't even happen like she said they did. So I was in tears in the shower wishing I'd never come home. But there is some good news, next year I'll be at camp, without my family, working there. And you know what? They have WiFi for the staff. Which means that I'll be able to communicate with you guys while I'm there. It's a win win.


This is Damien Bolt, signing off.

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